Apple to Sell Ringtones for the iPhone?

jshayne“They will be iPhone-compatible only, which likely means some AAC Fairplay lockdown. Expected at the Apple Event this coming Wednesday 5th, the service will let you pick a snippet of any iTunes Store track …”[…] Thanks to jshayne for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

willynilly: Nobody should be paying for a goddamned ringtone. You paid $600 for a phone, which already fails at most of its touted extraordinary functions:

iPod: failure because you can’t plug your headphones into its idiotically defective jack
E-mail: failure,no way to delete multiple messages, among other problems
contacts: failure, no categories
memos: failure, no categories
to-dos: failure, missing

And the headphone-jack fiasco is compounded by MONO Bluetooth only. Oh, and your phone headset won’t fit the shitty jack either.

Finally, there’s the failure to allow third-party apps while millions of (gasp) Windows Mobile devices handle this without incident.

After all this, there’s no excuse for ripping people off for ringtone.

dvsbastard: FTA: “Anything more than iTunes standard $0.99 per track would certainly be odd: who would pay extra for a 30 second clip when you can get the whole song for less?”

What good is the whole song if you can’t make it a ringtone?! Either way, I don’t like the idea of “double dipping” on customers who have already paid for a track…

redrock34: Seems Apple has forgotten about it’s iTunes users…

HA5TY: Too bad I get them free with iFuntastic

KenIovino: I don’t see this working out very well. As it is now, you can just install the “SendSong” app and you can have all the ringtones you want.

suxmonkey: iPhone has everyone drooling – unfortunately, that means they can sell anything they want :/

rpgmaker: That wasn’t the whole point of not letting the people choose the ringtone that they want in the first place?


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