Apple’s 2007 Lobbying: Patent System Reform, Education Tax Breaks

longofestApple has spent $720,000 on lobbying the U.S. Federal Government thus-far in 2007. Topics of interest to Apple appear to be updating the U.S. patent system, and advocacy of bills to increase funding for technology in education and provide tax breaks for spending on R&D.[…] Thanks to longofest for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

zhulien: hahaha, lobbying is just another form of corruption. nice to know a company like apply has instantly lost it’s reputation by lobbying 😀

jabberwolf: Basically Apple is trying to open the gaps of companies that have created patents so that Apple can claim them without going to court.

This way theu can continue the BS or look we’re “innovative” even when they never created shit.

tyrione: Before a system can be reformed you have to play the game, however corrupt, and part of the game includes lobbying to promote the game being reformed. This reform is to weed out the notion of patent cherry picking and poaching which we see in a certain Judical district in Texas.

If your competition patents everything including how to urinate you have to do similar in order to stay in the market(s).

DeFex: what “reforms” do they want. apple is already trying to patent taking a common electronic device and using it with another common electronic device. its like patenting putting a red lego brick on top of a yellow one.

elebrio: Apple is trying to patent everything under the sun. I don’t get it. This is the most useless article I’ve seen on the front page of digg in a while.

spyd3rweb: So much for the voice of the people.

rocket777: Hell, how about asking for repeal of the patent laws altogether, especially software patents. That’s been nothing but trouble and copyrights were plenty good enough for software that was written. But when someone writes their own sort routine, and some idiot at the patent office hands out a patent for that it can stop all innovation.

You know, before software could be patented, I wrote a device driver that simulated a storage device in ram. It was a ram-tape driver and I wrote it 40 years ago. All we had in those days was magnetic and paper tape. Suppose I had got a patent on that, I could have stopped every linux system from booting! How, well if I bothered to patent the idea, then I’d have patented all virtual device software.

What stupidity. Before patents, everyone shared ideas, and there was great innovation. What’s there been in software over the last 15-20 years. Nothing worth talking about.

davidjunit: “…tax breaks for spending on R&D.”
Sounds like Bush propaganda to me. Letting big companies have tax breaks, mmm hmm. Don’t let “Big Apple” get off easy!

gafasiesornivek: They should start a political party called the Lemon Party.

pintomp3: big corporations spend big money to have the laws written in their favor. nothing new here. i wish that lobbying didn’t have more power than the needs of the people though.

neiltc13: The first line of this article is:
“The Associated Press (via reveals that…”

Why not LINK to AP or Forbes then?

Buried as more Mac Rumors spam.

nusuni: I got an idea, how about instead of reforming the Patent system we get rid of it. if you invent something it makes no difference whether or not it is patented, someone WILL steal it and someone WILL make it better (which should inspire you to make it even better, instead of suing in court and putting more money in the lawyers’ pockets). US Patents (and patents in general) have got to be the most anticompetitive load of BS on the planet.

wilhoitm: I wonder how much Microsoft spends on lobbying? Anyone know?


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