Hacker makes iPhone home screen scroll

SillyMammaFrom “lg”, the same guy who brought you Installer.app, comes this new iPhone hack that lets you load as many icons as you want onto your iPhone home screen. It’s still a little buggy but I have 32 applications loaded onto my screen right now and I can just flick my way to the one I want, even if the one I want is that baffling Magenta[…] Thanks to SillyMamma for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

locojones: Way to go guys! Hack another 100 things like this into it and the iPhone might actually be able to do what other real smartphones do right out of the box!

JakeFields: Apple is loving this underground hype, hopefully they bring something new to the table on Sept. 5th .

nnutter: Buried because there was no link to download SummerBoard.

BasharTeg: Yeah, but where are you going to find these 32 applications for the iPhone?

DarthMartin: Nice one LG. Can’t for the iPhone to launched in the UK at the end of the year, hopefully. Do hope that Apple take note and build this into the OS as a standard feature.

xinli11: Ohh good, now we can make the iPhone home screen look like the windows start menu. On a more serious note, I’ve never understood apple’s motivation behind putting so many icons on the home screen. Seems to me that since there are 4 primary functions to the iPhone: Phone, iPod, Web, Email, those should be big buttons on the home screen. Third party apps, on the other hand, should be relegated to a secondary menu. The iPhone home screen, in other words, just looks too busy and lacks focus. Granted, the four functions i mentioned are lined up at the bottom of the screen, but those icons are the same size as every other icon. They should be bigger and more prominently positioned on screen.

Ohh I know it’s practically treason to criticize apple’s design decisions, but that’s my opinion and I”m sticking by it.

saucercrab: Does anyone know if you can customize the wallpaper?

databoy: Dick Tracy calling Mars. Beware iPhone on the loose, iPhone on the loose. It does not compute. Chip implant needed. System going down in 60 seconds. Watch phone is better.

DOGPARTY: so awesome that apple doesn’t stop this stuff

dheaddy: This is what will be unveiled by Jobs on Sept 5th, and will be introduced to a round of applause: “And Boom! I’m scrolling through my home screen, and it works just like magic”

bagofice: If I had an iPhone, I wouldn’t do anything to change it..it’s perfect. However, that wallpaper feature is cool. I’d wait for another release before I put it on my phone though.

rogerbly: this hack changed my life. Too many hacked apps without scrolling.

CJinNC: I keep loading 3rd party apps and then deleting them in 48 hours bc they are sub-par…someone help me understand if this will hose itself when the next Apple firmware update comes out?

meatmcguffin: I heard rumours that the SMS button won’t show numbers of unread texts. Can anyone see if this is true?

willyg65: Ok. Switch the phone off. Put it down. Go outside. There’s fresh air, people, and lots of fun things to do.
In 1 year you won’t give a toss whether your screen scrolled or not. Trust me.


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