iMovie ’08: It’s not that bad

obeezyiMovie ’08 has gotten a bad rap lately so I decided to put it through it’s paces and see what all the fuss was about. Now, I’m not professional video editor — just your average Josephine — but, frankly, I think the new iMovie kinda rocks.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

gerkin: I disagree with this article, iMovie ’08 is horrible. It reminds me of a first gen of EditDV (which apple bought and turned into FCP). Usability wise it’s horrible and you don’t even get a choice of where to save your projects or working files (hello McFly … this went out with the C: drive in DOS).

It looks, feels and reacts like a quick hack — oh wait, it is a quick hack that they apple’fied and called it iMovie. Oh ya, and my Powerbook, that’s still under original warranty is not supported for it … wtf.

serpicolugnut: Look, an upgrade is just that – the previous version with new features. Calling this program iMovie ’08 implies it is an upgrade, when it is clearly a totally new app, designed to do most of what the previous version did. It improves upon its predecessor in a few areas (stability, skimming, ease of using stills to create a movie, easy export to YouTube), and takes a giant step back in others (audio options suck now, interface is wacky and confusing, no more effects (WTF???!!!), less transitions, no plugin support and hardware requirements.

I used to log the iLife apps as one of the best selling points of being a Mac user. Maybe I’ve just grown up/out of them. But iMovie ’08 is a disappoint. iWeb ’08 is still a disappointment. Garageband is pretty freakin’ cool. And iPhoto is a killer app, but I find myself wanting something more powerful, ie, Aperture or Lightroom.

MaceSoul: It wouldn’t be so bad if you could download the old version.

Quix: Um, isn’t “It’s Not That Bad” a registered trademark of Microsoft?

oruland: I’m going to assume that the people that are saying that its bad are professional editors, I haven’t done enough research but that would be my guess not the “Now, I’m not a professional video editor -” like this guy

schneb: The following companies make their livelihood creating plug-in effects for iMovie. I wonder how they feel about iMovie ’08 and its lack of support? Wasn’t it Steve Jobs who said, “If you develop software for the Mac, we want to talk to you.” Well, obviously they were the ones doing all the talking.

Stupendous Software
Digital Thought Software
Trix Software
Gee Three – Slick Series
Digital Arts GmbH

For a list of all my plug-ins that are now useless in iMovie 08, see the link below…

hijinksensue: I liked this Digg a lot better when it was called:

or, the same exact story with the same exact title, with the same exact description that I submitted yesterday.

IchiroBoston: When I first started to play with iMovie 08 I thought it SUCKS… but after forcing myself to play along and give it a shot… I really like it!
I think the biggest improvement is how it manages all of your video independent to your project as events, So EVERYTHING is always there… Once I learned how to manage the location of events it works great!

For 90% of what I need it works great, the other 10% I use iMovie 06… if they create an Advanced mode in 08 (timeline, audio controls and plugins) it would be all that I need.

HarleyQuinn: All Apple needs to do to make iMovie 08 the best, is allow it to work with previous plugins and BETTER AUDIO / MULTIPLE AUDIO TRACK support.

The best part of the old iMovie was being able to cut out unwanted vocal chatter, and control the levels of say voices vs music.

sfrederiksen: ding fries are done!

over90000: You know what’s worse than mac fanboys? mac apologists.

monsterofNone: Is this the official apple slogan? “iMovie ’08… not that bad?”

MacParrot: What I like about iMovie 08:

Easy YouTube insertion
Making precision edits of existing video before adding to the timeline (such as it is)

What I don’t like about iMovie 08

Making all my third-party plug-ins useless
Audio editing within the program is almost impossible. To have to export to GarageBand is NOT a solution, just a work around.
A lack of decent titles and transitions. iMovie 08 has what…nine total for each?
A few other things I dislike as well. iMovie 08 is not a replacement for 06. Apple knew there was going to be a lot of outrage and didn’t delete your previous iMovie installation which is one of its saving graces. For YT videos or something to be put on a webpage, it’s OK, but I plan on keeping 06 around for anything beyond that and FCE for any serious (cough…cough) work.

colecovizion: As a long time fan of iMovie 6 HD, iMovie ’08 fucked with my head. It took me a long time to get even the most basic functions (which is mostly all it has) to work properly.

Also, not to mention:

* Why are there two play buttons and two full screen buttons?! I thought buttons were a “bad thing.” Not only do we have button redundancy, but we have bad button placement. Don’t have me A) click the video then B) click the the play button that corresponds to the section I’m in (on the far left part of the screen) only to see that C) the video is playing on the far right side of the screen. How am I supposed to know that these three things are linked? Intellectually I now know what to click, but intuitively, it just wasn’t cutting it. If you are going to have a single video preview area you should keep it under the place where it is playing (i.e iMovie 6 or any other editing software).

* The lack of transitions, titles, etc. I feel like I’m in iMovie 1.0 again. Times have changed, expectations have changed. Give me back all my options that I had in the last version. Heck, give me all the cool transitions you put in Keynote. Also, all my plugins don’t work anymore.

* And now the big reason why I had to go back to iMovie HD, there is no option to export back to the camera. I’m glad they added more export options to their own devices (iPod, iPhone, appleTV, etc) and YouTube, but
now I have no way to easily watch my HD footage back on my HDTV without plugging my laptop into it.

So, I wanted to like iMovie 08, but ultimately it seems like a 3 version downgrade rather than a 1 version upgrade. Call it something else if you are going for a different market (maybe iJustWantToCropAndPostToYouTube 1.0).

And don’t tell me to move up to Final Cut Express, it is WAY more involved than iMovie 6 HD and it is $300!

edstate: The release of iLife ’08, with all it’s bugs, bloatedness, and artificial hardware limitations (iMovie) really dissapointed some people. A lot of people, actually. And Apple would be wise to come down a bit off their high horse right about now. Yes, they’re awesome. And in my opinion the best thing happening right now in a lot of respects. But they’re begining to smell a bit like the Microsofts and Sonys with this particular release. As a fan and stockholder, I hope it’s not a sign of things to come. I also hope that they’re man enough to fix it.


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