Improved iPhone Icons

louiemantiaSome modifications to the iPhone’s home screen icons.[…] Thanks to louiemantia for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Mapper99: I agree…could use some more work…

DaleoftheUK: Only one that probably suits it’s job better, is the Youtube icon. Others aren’t so great.

digitallysick: Does anyone want to join me in digging down the masses?

steveooo: Yuck…. Those are gross. I think the point of icons is to know what it is for, half of those icons I think might magically take me on vacation…

DrivingVertigo: Buried for superfluous macfag crap.

Just cause it’s for an apple product doesn’t mean it’s for Digg. This isn’t Slashdot.

battletops: How about some Leopard-sized versions of the iPhone icons that I got my hands on…

justinp: Hardly an improvement

djdole: Pretty photo shopping doesn’t equate to improved design, or even good design for that matter.
1. Was never a fan of the click-wheel. That’s why I never bought an iPod, and waited for a touch-screen interface that came with the iPhone. Besides my personal preference, it’s not very good GUI design to plaster user interface images all over your buttons. You aren’t accessing a click-wheel by pressing the click wheel button, you’d be accessing the iPod application (which does not make use of a click-wheel at all).
2. The only difference with the weather icon is that the background is darker. This is lame because it makes it look like it’s night in the background wile the sun is shining bright.
3. The only difference in the stock icon is that it too, was photo shopped to be darker than the original. Uninspired, unoriginal and definitely not an improvement.
4. Second row, first icon. Another reason not to plaster pictures of GUI components upon your GUI component.
What does this button tell the user it accesses? A play button and a slider?
As for the palm tree, who knows what it’s intended for. Pretty shiny picture, but bad design again.

Lame or inaccurate, buried either way.

leksdraven: Buried as inaccurate. These are not “improved.” They suck.

monsterofNone: improved usually means they are in some way superior to the original.

these show no improvement.

jersey: Must resist ……. new …. update ….. wednesday ……..

rivostevo: Am I the only one who DOESN’T prefer these?


falloutsyndrome: These iphone sites go down faster than Jenna Jameson in “Sins of the throat”

hadi: this is not improved! originals is better


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