iPhoneSIMfree begins fulfilling bulk orders, apparently will not unlock end

navotvolkAre you ready for it? Looks like iPhoneSIMfree is. A number of tipsters have sent us emails that they’ve received announcing the availability of the elusive software unlock — delivery on Tuesday, 4th of September. Good news right? Maybe, but here’s the tell:[…] Thanks to navotvolk for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

senocak: iPhoneSimFree reseller starts selling unlock licenses. I bought mine today.
the reseller is http://www.simunlockediphone.com

bwmdiym: I give it a week and the software will be on bit torrent for free

711groove: Will not unlock end? You mean I have to play all the way to the final level myself?

Wander: Hopefully on Wednesday we’ll be able to buy what we all really want – an iPhone without the phone feature!

gODfall: Living In Canada, the industry forces me to be a pirate.

elk1: I can’t wait until someone cracks this software and I can get it for free.
it would be worth 600 bucks just for the irony of it

mrjole: I really wanted the unlocked Iphone. Even though I was mad at apple for going in with att and locking it.
But this is it. The bucket is full. I am not willing to feed people working for, i don’t know how many, companies involved in unlocking this thing.
Nokia N95 is a better phone anyway. Of I go to Ebay and get my self one. It seams that the inferior Iphone will be more money anyway.

ram0135: Right off their site….
Individual per unit licenses will be available starting next week. We are currently opening up our mail for bulk purchase enquiries of 500 licenses and above. Interested parties please Contact Us.”


rowlodge: the new age crack dealers.

jgarland79: You can unlock your iPhone for $20 with a Silvercard from ebay. It looks like the cheapest price a reseller can get this software for is $25 if they buy 5000 and I’m sure they’ll mark it up.

zacharytamas: These guys are about to get sooo rich…

springo: Let the fake “resellers” appear, ask for your iPhone, and never give it back!
Well, iPhoneSIMfree doesn’t seem to want their software reversed and available for free the very same day they start selling it…

hillie: Whatever. I am getting my iPhone on Tuesday and you know what? I will be giving these assholes the finger. And then I will perform the hardware unlock.

Fuck these assholes. If Apple has any sense they will sue their asses off.

It’s people like this that ruin it for everybody. People like us simply want to unlock the iPhone so we can enjoy them on our current provider, and not have to pay early termination fees. These people just have $’s for eyes and want to get as much as they can from other peoples’ work (namely George Hotz).

SouthsideIrish: The last update out is 1.0.2 and this does not remove the crack. I think that it was Ryan Block that unlocked the 1.0.1 firmware and then upgraded to 1.0.2 and it still worked, and a guy from CNN unlocked a brand new iPhone and then upgraded to 1.0.2 and it still was unlocked. So no, it has not been fixed.

Oh, and why would you brick it, unless you do something to the hardware? I have “bricked” my phone several times while hacking it, and all you have to do is a restore, to get it back to factory settings.

timtimes: Who’s up for a little software roultette with their new $600 Iphone? Crickets?


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