New iPods to have iTunes Music Download Capabilities and Digital Radio

CLIFFosakaJAPAN…the new iPods will be able to receive digital radio, and will include a ‘buy-now’ function to allow the user to download and buy tracks as they are being played. This facility will be limited to tracks sold from the iTunes store[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

mobilehavoc: Makes sense for them to have streaming content (music, radio, video, whatever) in the new iPod since they can add that functionality to the existing iPhones via software so people can stream junk to their iPhones via Wifi or EDGE. That way iPhone users get in on the action too.

ch3n: OMG another must buy ipod.. well this would be my fifth… Where will i find the money to buy? well i think i must work harder.. LoL

Yuusharo: I’m not sure people are quite getting it. I think what the rumor points to is possibly an ipod that streams not digital stations via wifi, but rather the hybrid-digital (HD) radio standard that is rolling out in major markets all over the country. A portable unit at the moment isn’t feasible because the technology required drains quite a bit of power, but who knows? Perhaps Apple has found a way to receive those broadcasts efficiently enough to keep the battery life up. If we’re talking about HD radio, then you’re talking about crisp, clear audio from your favorite local stations at no charge or subscription on top of your music. Now *THAT* would be sweet to see.

I’ll stave off digging any mac rumors until the official announcement. With that said, I really can’t wait to see what happens on Wednesday.

redwallhp: I’m the iPod Phophet:

Billions: I was hoping they would figure out how to add that ‘NBC/Universal’ feature back in!

VDGG: Im Collecting information on rumoured features and products for tommorow on my blog at

BadbCatha: Everytime Apple release new products it reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Malibu Stacey release a new doll and the only difference is that is has a new hat.

OMG its and iPod, WITH A RADIO!!!

NeoRicen: This rumour sounds a lot less likely than most others but would be cool nonetheless.

monkeykit: I’m sticking to my feeling that Bluetooth2.0 support will be in the new iPod and that’s the “wifi” it will have to beam songs over to other ipods. Also A2DP support for some wireless bluetooth headphone action going on!! FTW my predictions :

MaceSoul: Radio and wireless? Are they going to make them in brown? Did Cupertino start their photocopiers?

TravisG5: How about we wait until Wednesday to write “New iPods blah blah blah”. There is a new story on digg every night about them; are you really that impatient?

Dan11023: Touch screen?

harvinator24: All i want is shout cast radio on my ipod, or atleast be able to play some form of internet radio.

last4internet: I hope this doesn’t happen. Why not add Wlan enabled iTunes to the iPods? Using DAB radio or something for wireless music is just overly complex to set up, needs partners and doesn’t even work in many places. For example in Finland DAB radio was dropped completely because nobody listened to it. It just doesn’t exist anymore. There’s still plenty of Wlan hotspots.. 🙂

So in fact I think that this radio shit isn’t even real. It’ll be something else. Or then they are just crazy.

cwoolf34: Pure speculation. I and lots of others were predicting satellite radio to be built in a couple years ago. I doubt radio will be implemented. If anything, Apple will release a new FM remote attachment that is HD Radio Compatible.


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