Apple’s iPhone Outsells All Other Smartphones in July

DazWiLLiEThe two models of the iPhone on the market sold more than Research in Motion’s Blackberry series, the entire Palm portfolio and any individual smartphone model from Motorola, Nokia or Samsung.[…] Thanks to DazWiLLiE for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

CheapDigWannbe: “It’s a fantastic phone and I would recommend it to anyone.”
The hate stems from the fact that it is not a Smartphone, and that most of us can’t afford it. My personal hate stems from the fact how Apple manages to shove a product up my ass so high, my heart actually starts to love it. My brain hates this… However at the same time I understand that most iphone users would never buy or need the additional real smartphone features. Thus in the end I have to give it up to apple for making regular people want/buy the iphone.

strelok1: iPhone is hardly a smartphone. I mean smartphones (like Blackberry and Palm etc.) are targeting the business user end of the market and iPhone is really a general consumer oriented product. The statement is like saying “teenagers bought more than Blackberries in July”

Yeknom: No shit, apple fanboys buy anything, regardless of how crappy the phone service is.

blackbrutha: Anyone else notice the new email icon in Youtube on the iPhone? Next to the “jump to the next video” button , which is next to the play button. It wasnt there last night when I checked and I havent plugged my phone into my mac. That means it was either an OTA update or the update was time released. In any case..this is a sick ass phone. Love this mamma-jamma. I think a firmware update will be released within the next 16 hours or less.

swean: Oh wow, cool.

bbqsalad: Its a phone.

brodycrider: OMG! NO WAY! ……. dude duh

wrestleben: I’m sure that a company named “iSupply” would come up with these numbers with full integrity.

Verdanic: Was anybody expecting otherwise?

Most (note I said ‘most’, not all’) PDA users who needed to upgrade or replace their devices that month went right for the newest in technology. Makes sense.

35263526: I can’t help noticing that Mac Rumors conspicuously misses out Windows Mobile devices (are they not smartphones now that they’d interfere with the iPhone’s market share?).

Buried for inaccuracy.

alexra: it really is a nice phone, my friend got a iphone its really easy to use, it has a really nice display and the camera has amazing high resolution, and the touch keyboard is actually really easy to use. I’m not surprised it outsold the other smartphones

amiller311: JESUS PHONE!!

Scytale: My friend and I were dead set on an 8525 when our Verizon plans lapsed. We’ve been leaning hard towards the iPhone, though. I’m not normally an Apple fan – an iPhone would be the first Apple product I’ve ever owned. But I have been using Windows Mobile PDAs for many years and he got a used Windows Mobile phone on Verizon to try it out.

It disappoints me that the cellular functionality is just another app on top of Windows Mobile. The interface is severely lacking compared to a really integrated device like the iPhone. Also, the mobile version of IE is nearly useless. It has failed me nearly ever time I needed it. The iPhone’s Safari browser alone is almost enough to get my money because it is actually usable. To those who are still in the “no way” camp, have an open minded look at the iPhone. It’s hard to do, I know, it was for me. But I’m going to use the device that does the most things I need with the best interface and right now I’m thinking that’s the iPhone.

insomniac8400: It’s a little much calling a phone that is just a glorified web browser a smartphone.

inkswamp: You Apple haters are a cute lot. I wonder how many of you writing this off as “first month, pent-up demand only” were also explaining away the Zune’s lackluster debut with “just give it some time….” The iPhone is actually off to a better start than the iPod was. Think about that. Look where that went. You really think the first month of iPhone sales is just an aberration?


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