AWESOME Native iPhone AIM Client Released

centic(This is NOT ApolloIM) Awesome new AIM client for the iPhone, just check it out.. Link has download, pics, and source[…] Thanks to centic for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

latca: Are you able to remain connected while using other parts of the phone?

CommodoreZBT: This is really a sign of things to come for the Iphone. If only Apple would embrace it rather than fight it, or even worse, do nothing. the community shall prevail! Theres also a good post about this on AskTheAdmin at

CLShortFuse: For the rest of us, use JonnyChat. It uses data packets instead of text msgs and runs on J2ME (java).
I’m sorry if it sounds like spam but it’s the best mobile AIM i’ve seen that uses data rather than SMS

extratwice: “Till the next iPhone update becomes required to connect to the network, and this install bricks your iPhone…”


termer: Why does it only show one line of what I am typing?

risotto: Not so awesome afterall. Does not support .Mac accounts, as far as I can tell!

Kerr: Awesome app, feels just like iChat.

TimmyGUNZ: I just wish Apple would release an official iChat client. I don’t want to go hacking my iPhone only to have updates screw everything up.

getsk3wled: i can still see it.
google’s cache if it goes down.

shiftyroach: who the hell uses AIM?

frostieDude: I couldn’t get it to work. Keeps reporting “unknown error”.

jpe81: this uses the data connection and doesn’t count as sms messages, right?

SirG3: For anyone curious, it uses TOC2.

NiX0n: Why does it need a native app? Doesn’t Meebo work (don’t have an iPhone, sorry)?

mastastealth: How do these whole new apps come out so fast and Pidgin is still without any Video/Voice support? 😛


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