Engadget live-blog from Apple “you’re-getting-widescreen-ipods” conference

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component: Ditto thanks for the updates. It was fun to watch.


thevelvetsun: The big dogs at NBC are probably crying right now.

BobOki: Iphone new pricing, effective imedantly.
4gb $299 and 8gb $399!!!

dudefaceguyman: Fuck yes I’m buying the Nano video. I just got a black Macbook last week and need a new iPod since they have their Windows/OSX restrictions bullshit so now my Nano is a brick, can’t wait to watch diggnation on it though.
Man so much to buy, bump my Macbook to 2GB (meant to buy it that way in the first place, mixup. Ah well I’ll do it myself) need a shoulder strap case for Macbook, Mighty Mouse, iPod Nano Video (hopefully 8GB..) to replace my windows based ipod, I’ll just give it to my mom. She wants an iPod desperately lol, and of course get a copy of LEOPARD when it’s released.

My wallet is sobbing softly in the corner

pnmoore: I have been saying to a friend for a while that Apple will go a long way toward re-establishing the vice-grip on this market (that they have never lost, but it slips a little every now and then) if they really come out with an ipod that is iPhone-phone. They did! I am not an Apple fan in general, but I must have one of these (these being iPod Touch). I truly believe they have created the ultimate media device with currently available technology. Hurray Apple!

Powerlock: Strange… 16GB isn’t going to cut the job for most people.

jdavid: wow, it does everything a zune could have done last year, but it does it right????? microsoft what happened?

Verdanic: Wow, that was really disappointing. The new nano is ugly as sin, the new ‘classic’ iPod is less than exciting and the new shell is uglier than the 5G’s, and what the fuck is up with the iPod Touch? 8 and 16GB? That doesn’t do it fr me at all. I wouldn’t pend that much on a new iPod what has less than a quarter the storage of my 80GB, I don’t care how pretty the fucking screen is.

What the fuck was with the Starbucks thing? Who the hell cares? Is it just me, or did they drone on about that for way more time than it deserved (which would have been a quick mention)?

I’ll just hope for a hard drive based iPod Touch. My money isn’t going anywhere until then.

Rhythmicidea: The Starbucks feature is stupid.

Paying extra to make a song you already own a ringtone? Weak.

And the iPod Touch doesn’t have enough storage – they should have just given it a hard drive and longer battery life. Might as well if people are going to be using it to browse the internet.

You can get the iPod Classic for the same price with 5x the storage and longer battery life. The only cool thing about the iPod Touch is the WiFi idea. But that still needs more work also. Such as integrating Skype into it.

Davinator: Here’s all the new iPods on Apple.com: http://www.apple.com/ipod/whichipod/

mayonnaiseparty: really wanted a hard drive based iPod touch.. what am i going to do with a 16GB device?

Caleb83: Over 600 million copies of iTunes distributed? What percentage of that is people who just wanted to download quicktime but had to download iTunes with it?

MISDIREK7ED: Iphone for 399$? Does this mean the refurbs at the apple store will go for 299$?
I hope so.


I hate fanboys. Buried.


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