I hate Cover Flow

obeezyI know we all have our favorite way to interact with our data, and I am sure there are some people who use Cover Flow every day in their iTunes browsing, but my god, I sure hope it isn’t one of the big selling points of the new iPods at this Wednesday’s special event.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

njw1357: It kinda depends on what your music library is like.
I have never used the list view, always coverflow.
I like to just flip to an album, where I know it is, and select a song.
If I had to search songs every time I wanted to listen to one, it would take ages.
Plus I still like the look of it, I don’t think of it as eye candy – but something useful to sort my library.
By the way, I think cover flow works better when you are sorting by artist, otherwise there is no point.

olarte: PLease report CoverflowCompilation Bugs to APPLE ——————————————————————————– Please verify and report the following bugs to Apple at http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipod.html MAYBE if enough people report these glaring bugs, they might actually fix them. for now Coverflow becomes useless if you have a decent amount of compilations.

1. Coverflow shows multiple covers for compilation albums since it sorts by artist.
2. Compilations show up ok under compilations, BUT the artists still show up under artist, and they should not if they are part of a compilation. if set correctly it eliminates tons of artist with one or two tracks only.

3. Missing sorting options for Coverflow.

I CANNOT believe that these two bugs, and the omission of coverflow options are on the new Ipods. It makes me wonder what else is broken! Also, the coverflow itself and scrolling through albums seems very sluggish and that’s with small sample of cds… Geez!

irieb: i lke cover flow.


batmant: Ironically I think coverflow is more suited for general files (a la Leopard) than Music. Growing up in the digital age has, for better of worse, devalued album art. Sure when I think naked babies in pools, I think Nirvana but I couldn’t tell you what the latest FallOutBoy cover looks like.

Since OS X has never had a decent way to preview files within finder, coverflow in Leopard is the feature I’m most excited about.

DaveClarkOne: what a lame thread. who gives a flying fuck if you like it or not? put your diapers back on…

glypht: Hold up, hold up, enough CoverFlow bashing. The way I see it, CoverFlow can be two things:
1. A way of getting to your music very quickly. If you can give me a faster way of playing a specific album (let’s say ‘Endtroducing’) than typing ‘end’ followed by enter then I’d like to hear it.
2. A visual browser. Arguably CoverFlow’s primary reason for existing is a way of browsing your music when you *don’t* actually know what you want to listen to. And a very pretty way at that.
If you don’t like it, don’t use it, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful a tool.

aliguana: Impressive eye candy, but useless for everyday use. I have almost 1000 albums in my iTunes, and flicking through them is next to pointless – I use search and smart playlists. The only time I use coverflow is if I have some people over, cue up a nice long (50 track plus) playlist, switch to coverflow in fullscreen, and leave it. Tends to fend off the “who is this?” questions. So yeah, coverflow is more useful as a vis than as an interface option. And god forbid when it gets into EVERYTHING in Leopard. Unless you have a Star-trek-esque touch-screen, then what is the point?

It has one redeeming feature for me – it made Apple introduce automatic album art downloading, which has saved me more scanning-hours than I can count. Just wish they would embed the art in the file, instead of hiding it away

mlagana: eh life is tough when you have to write a blog about cover flow

FUNKMASTERNICE: In Russia Coverflow….

Nah nevermind.

AppleGeek: personally, cover flow is annoying when I don’t have album art because then a whole bunch of those stupid question marks show up and it just becomes annoying

blurrie: then go get a zune and use the uber awesome media player!

bib4tuna: what the hell is cover flow? my phone is still monochrome.

xkialx: i don’t know about everyone else, but i find it annoying to look through cover flow because i don’t have album art for all of my songs so it becomes pointless

BenClueless: I like it. It makes me feel like I have a record collection again, not just a bunch of files.

zenghost: i wonder if showing these next-gen iPods in commercials with people using coverflow, cycling through albums in the commercials would influence the public to use it more often because its what the person on TV is using so it must be trendy?


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