Install Third-Party Applications on Your iPhone

mklopezIn less than two-months time, a persistent and merry band of iPhone hackers have been pushing out application after killer application for the iPhone, and hacking your iPhone to install those applications has become dead simple. Today I’ll show you how to download, install, and manage third-party software on your iPhone[…] Thanks to mklopez for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

badjoke: You can go to to download and install the installer straight to the phone. From there you can just install apps.

alias420: That’s an old hack, just check out to stay up to date with new ones.

scotticus: Why does this need to be a hack?

Best phone evar my ass…

iXneonXi: Does allow you to change the provider or do you still need a hardware hack for that?

geneshifter: Does any know for certain if I use this and install 3rd party apps that I would void my iPhone warranty? Or, if new firmware versions would break the phone if these apps are installed? I just want some concrete information about this and nothing I’ve found addresses this. Some of these apps would really be useful to me.

dansmeek: yeah dupe but….. for those that have not kept up to date with, some cool apps are now here.
springboard: this extends the “interface” so that you can scroll up and down, and thus have unlimited icons. And no “pages” like the stupid iFuntastic.
apolloIM: has become a pretty good AIM program. they are close to an update that will make it more ubiquitious, such that, when your iPhone is off, you will still receive AIMs.
terminal: obviously. so you know…. you can hack i guess
dock: if you have tons of apps…. this is like the dock on the apple os x. It always appears on your iphone (you can barely see it) in the lower right hand corner. It’s like a off yellow, but it’s hard to notice. You drag your hand from the lower right hand corner to the center, and a list of all open applications pops up so you can browse between them. This feature stays running while using any program on the iphone.
favorite games are lights off (pretty hard), and i guess mine sweeper.

the iphone is capable of having much cooler games though. when programmers start understanding how to use the whole “tilt” code a little better (not to mention that I believe the iPhone is capable of 3d graphics, even though it lacks a dedicated graphic chip), then they will use some innovative ways to make gameplay “superfun.” for instance, imagine a driving simulator where you turn left and turn right by actually just leaning the screen a little right and little left.

whether you like the iphone or not, you have to give these programmers some props for what they have been able to do in such a short period of time.

(also, to get the nes sound to play, you have to use the terminal to turn the iphone sound off, you essentially make a macro in ssh for “soundon” and “soundoff” and run it *manually* when playing the NES. this website has good instructions on how to do it:
eventually it will be automated.)
also, i don’t know why you guys are losing data when installing this stuff. when i restore my iPhone to factory settings (which I have done about 30 to 50 times) i get all my pictures, text messages, emails, phone calls, etc. back. the *only* thing I lose are the passwords for my wi-fi networks, and my voicemail password (and I guess the pictures I take with the iPhone if I havent’ synced it).
Anyway, longass comment, but is really the best thing for the iPhone. Don’t use that iFuntastic. It’s a bunch of hacked code put together and gives you a lot of problems. If you have installed iFuntastic, that is likely the reason for the iphone being forced into recovery mode.
okay, digg me down

digitallysick: i couldnt get the nes to play sound bleh, so i gave up, i haven’t really found a useful 3rd party app yet, im sure i will in time.

jakdracula: Installation crashed my iPhone and forced me into ‘recovery’ mode, which means I lost all of my great pictures.

murty: ahhh i look forward to the day the iphone comes out in australia 😦

schoate09: Aww geeze, not this shit again.

7of7: You have to love when it’s newsworthy that a product actually runs third party code. Typical Apple move, release a product totally lacking in features and ways to implement features and then rely on your marketing department to sell enough of the product that people start trying to hack features on out of sheer frustration.

econoar: If only I could figure out how to install the NES roms…

historyfool24: I would not say the third party apps suck but they are lacking. I want something awesome to be on iPhone, but I dont know yet..come on there has to be something cooler then Lights Out and Terminal

stukdog: When I read this on Lifehacker I was just about to try it but thought I’d wait to see what happens tomorrow. No reason to get it all hacked only to restore it tomorrow for a software update.

over90000: Too bad all the 3rd party applications suck.


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