iPhone, Wiimote, or newborn baby: which has the best built-in accelerometer

DigiDaveThe iPhone was eliminated fairly quickly…the portrait-to-landscape flip is easy to circumvent if you do it slow enough or at an odd angle. Newborns, however, are born with something called the Moro reflex. When infants feel themselves fall backwards, they startle and throw their arms out to the sides. But the wiimote is very sensitive. Who wins?[…] Thanks to DigiDave for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

protogenxl: They forgot the Plasma Screen Impact Test.

711groove: iphone: “do it slow enough or at an odd angle”
baby: “slowly and smoothly enough”
conclusion: Babies use iphone technology, obviously not superior to the iphone.

mournsanity: Even more interesting in my opinion is that the moro reflex is actually a remnant from a long-gone ancestor that has no real tangible benefit to modern humans. From wikipedia:

The origin of this reflex can be found in that fact that primate infants of our cousins cling to their mother’s fur soon after birth, giving their mother the advantage of having her hands free to forage for food and such. If human babies are falling backward with their head their innate reflex will be to stretch out the arms to grab and cling to their mother.

Nah, can’t be evolution. Satan must have bewitched those babies.

nimbuscott: Dingoes ate my iPhone!

Shiner6: Glad this wasn’t a “Will it Blend”

zeyad: cute baby

josefresco: I’m not usually a hater but /this/ made the front page? *sigh*

hartley: Pbbt, the baby doesn’t even have bluetooth.

MindStalker: Thing is the Wiimote isn’t just an accelerometer (well yea, it is.) It is sensitive enough to detect its orientation at all times based upon the pull of gravity. So its not just detecting the change in orientation its also detecting the change in the constant natural G force. Thus allowing it to calibrate its orientation.

DarthMartin: If only we had the iPhone in the UK so I could check this experiment out for myself, oh and a new born baby for the matter.

CDoug03: Don’t discount the genius babies that can use an iPhone and a Wii.

80hd: So saturday I was unlucky enough to drive through Gary Indiana and saw a billboard that simply said “NEVER NEVER SHAKE A BABY” I can’t stop thinking about that now…..

amgamer23: iPhone, Wiimote, or newborn baby: Will they blend?

I had to be that guy.

mt066: Wow I didn’t know babies did that! I’d still rather have a wiimote….but cool….

mesadude: But…will it blend?


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