Touch-screen iPod to take center stage

definethelineApple will at last unveil a touch-screen iPod with a 3.5-inch display at its media event Wednesday, sources have confirmed, some 20 months after Think Secret first broke word of the device’s development.[…] Thanks to definetheline for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Fiyerstorm: Today’s the big day. I’ve been having card authorization drama with Apple these past couple of days so I called them first thing this morning since I know they’ll be quite busy later today, lol. I get my first Mac in a few days..15.4” Macbook Pro 😀

bluebit: what the time exactly?
current is September 5th 8 a.m.

david3704: touch screen is no good. they could simple increase the screen size and resolution, else everthing seems to be quite fine in current gen ipods..

futuretheory: I’m gonna buy it. Whatever it is. I’m buying it all.

NP333: Been waiting or more from the iPod, hope we get an OS as well as a cool interface.

UltraMegaFilms: I would love to take a shit on Steve Jobs. iPoop.

rowlodge: take it over an iphone if it has touch screen.

dreid: I’d love the ability to edit iCal on this ipod

Ferrar1: I would like to see a touch screen iPod with WiFi built in and also ….. I would like to see the option of being able to sign up for satalite radio. Or if not that any radio so I can listen to sports on it.

Drewboy64: On a side note unrelated to iPods, I hope Apple doesn’t get ride of the iPod HiFi all together. I bought one (I’m not a fanboy, just curious at the time) and that thing is amazing. It would be sad to see it die off… Anyways, comon iPod with touch screen! Oh and please through in WiFi!

insomniac8400: Sweet an iphone without the phone. What will apple think of next!!!!

blackbrutha: I think an ipod firmware update is comming in a matter of hours. I just finishing watching some youtube videos on my iphone and i noticed a new email icon in the youtube application next to “jump to the next video button” which is next to the play icon. It just appears within the last 12 hours. I didnt even plug it in to my mac. Like it was an over the air update. Tight ass phone.

dampcloth: I would put money on the rumours now but I need the money to buy the new ones coming

nondr357: Just went to Target….no iPods in stock other than a couple of shuffles…

dadosky08: I am surprised a touch screen iPod didn’t come out earlier, the technology was there I guess they just wanted its debut to be in the form of the iPhone.


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