What If the AppleTV became a DVR to spite NBC?

CLIFFosakaJAPANI mean, $300 for an Apple TV is cheaper than buying 3 seasons worth of any NBC show at the $4.99 they wanted to charge per episode this fall…right?[…] Thanks to CLIFFosakaJAPAN for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

MaceSoul: Or you could buy a Tivo like everyone else.

batmant: Job is all about “The Whole Banana”. That means controlling the entire experience from the remote in your hand, to the device it’s communicating with, to the Application running on the device, to the OS running the Applications, and to the network (iTunes) it’s connected to. It would NOT be in there best interest to make traditional DVR and undercut themselves just to get back at NBC. Give it a season, heck maybe just until the holidays and ten bucks says they’ll come crawling back at $1.99.

Dustin00: What if TV sucked so much, I quit watching it years ago and don’t care about new TV products?

lump1: Wake me up when AppleTV has a nice big bluetooth remote with an ipod wheel and an LCD which displays the interface even when the television is off. Maybe I’d like to scroll through the songs on my network and don’t want to turn on the TV?

Oh, and you’d really get my attention if this remote had a little speaker and microphone built in and worked as a Skype phone. Wouldn’t be expensive; WOULD be immensely useful and cool.

myellis: There is always the hope that Apple could implement Bit torrent throughout iTunes (and Apple TV?) and upgrade the video quality to some form of HD H.264. This would at least partially alleviate the bandwidth problem in delivering higher quality content. It could also allow them to distribute content in a close-to-live time frame (sports, news, etc.). Then all they would need is some sort of pricing model where you could select 5 shows for one price (or 7 or 10) and most of us could say good bye to cable for good.

isaaccs: So AppleTV doesn’t do a lot… and it’s a bit expensive for what it is. But I bought one, and frankly, I like it. It plays my iTunes, shows my pictures, it looks great – I’ve yet to have a guest that doesn’t comment, “Wow” if it’s turned on. Beyond that, it doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot. You could build an equivalent device that has much more in terms of TV capabilities, but not everyone wants to build something. I’d love to see Apple improve the product, there certainly is room for improvement, but I totally disagree that it’s a complete flop. It is what it is, if you don’t like it don’t buy it, but quit moaning about it.

makemeweak: Apple lied about the $4.99 an episode pricing – NBC is now releasing their shows on Amazon for $1.99 an episode.

autoy: The ATV is in the same position as, say, an iPod that only plays AAC files. Almost worthless if you need to transcode everything you have to a specific format just to play it, people just can’t bother to do that if it takes more than two minutes. Has the compatibility of iPods with mp3 totally blocked online sales from the iTunes store? Guess not. In my view and in order to succeed, the ATV desperately needs compatibility. Apple needs to either open the box using a plugin system or include support for most popular codecs like 100% of the rest who make multimedia HDs do (BTW, these are extremely popular in my country, where they serve as a cheap media PC substitute). Yes, doubling the capacity or making it cheaper would kinda help, but compatibiliy is essential if Apple doesn’t want to see this product agonize.

archer75: You still won’t be able to record HD from cable or satellite so it’s still useless. And it only plays what? 1 or 2 formats?

superkendall: DVR’s are insanely stupid. not insanely great. In a day when we can download anything directly, for very little cost in network usage thanks to BitTorrent, who would want to hang out on a stream waiting to grab just the bits you want as they flit by, never to be seen again?

In fact if Apple really wanted to stick it to “The Man” I think now would be a great time to look into building the ultimate torrent device – that would use BitTorrent under the covers to deliver HD media to users directly. And one that could be easily hacked to add other feeds as well all worked via the same interface…

ahuxley: Content is king.
Apple needs to get and pump content around the world.
In Australia its dead. End users are not smart enough to rip dvd’s.
They go online and find blocky trailers.

Add more cpu power, real HD and more content.

piper999: Basic TV capture cards are like what $20 now for a PC or Mac? For the price of 5 NBC TV shows you can record as much TV as you want. This is the thing I never got about all this pay-per-episode stuff.

insomniac8400: Or you could have just wrote about a Tivo and said how its price is much cheaper than what you would end up paying when buying the episodes. Or talked about making your own media pc to do the recordings.

bingobongony: And that would spite NBC how, exactly? The 5 people that actually have, or are considering buying Apple TV don’t matter in the ratings. And if they do that, you would see EVERY network leaving iTunes. And perhaps a domino effect of every co-owned music label as well.

jdaniel284: Why not buy a $90 500GB harddrive and subscribe to Blockbuster Online or Netflicks and get AnyDVD or and maybe Magic DVD Ripper? Then rip as many damn episodes you like. Buy some software like CuCuSoft converter coupled with AnyDVD and make as many iPod or Zune movies that you want.

I don’t understand all this nonsense about Apple TV and $5 NBC episodes.


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