5 Things We Love, 5 Things We Hate About the New iPod Lineup

akifbayramIt’s easy to say what we love about the new iPods—like Gizmodo commenters, they are each special in their own unique way. But there are some gnawing issues that we would like to bring up.[…] Thanks to akifbayram for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

aduzik: The iPod nano and iPod shuffle colors are ugly as all hell. What were they thinking?

etamura00: I want wireless sync of my podcasts. Is that available with the wireless on the touch?

tallguy240: Hell if they are anything like the last generation if you look at them funny they will get a scratch on them. The damn thing would get scratched just putting them in their scratch protectors. I hope they at least fixed that.

yodasama: Long live the “jPod”.

dookofearl: The fact that more iPod stories make the front page than top 10 lists?

MihaiM: What I think is really missing from the iPod Touch is the Mail App. That would make it a great Work/Play mobile device.

Nuak: Let’s wait until those talented hackers take care of the iPod touch. With no doubt we will see those missing iPhone apps in the iPod touch thanks to their work.

dmbohn: what about Nike+?

evelian: Everyone wanting their 160gb hard drives and 3.5″ touch screens must also want god-awful battery life.

blacklilyninja: iphone touch should have been called iFi and it should have a mic for voip ichat but im sure its a matter of time

bgramer1: Does anyone know when Apple’s doing their firmware updates for iPhones? I’ve been checking my iTunes and Software Updates but nothing new yet.

digitallysick: i cant wait to see the classic outsell the new flash based, people will realize its just a watered down iphone, and either get the iphone, or go classic

charlesray: Did anyone else notice that Apple did absolutely nothing new with this release? I mean, I understand if you have very little music and want a touch (and for some reason, not an iPhone), but to keep buying their products after this joke…that’s just bad for the market. Let’s be realistic and look for alternatives, at least wait until the Zune 2 is out and see if it doesn’t suck, since it’s 80GB and has a far larger screen.

jonathan95060: currently I have a nano and a cell phone. As soon as the iPhone is available for other carriers I’m getting one so I can reduce my gadget count by 1.

Anyone know when this is happening?

As for the various new features apple is focusing on (e.g. cover flow) I could not care less. What I want is more smarts on the iTunes side: gmail/flickr/delicious style tagging of songs. More sophisticated logic operations for smart play lists.

24imac: So, Zune 2, a half assed wifi and maybe a DRM store?

Sure the iPod looks cool, saves you from ATT if you dont want a phone, but that flash memory sucks.

How about changing the flash memory to something larger? 32gb, 64? size permitting upon ripping the insides out.


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