After ditching Apple, NBC opts for flex pricing and more DRM with Amazon

alermaShowing us that it’s not all about Hulu, NBC inks a download deal with Amazon just days after the public spat between Apple and NBC. What’s Unbox got that Apple doesn’t? Flexible pricing and less “flexible” DRM.[…] Thanks to alerma for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

jdavid: Screw it all to hell, we need a new money system for content, that gets around all of these bonehead execs.

1st I would like to be able to order shows months in advance, and if i pay for it in advance i should get a discount, because I AM FUNDING THE SHOWS PRODUCTION.

2nd, if I am willing to microfund a show before its green lighted, I should be considered an investor, i suspect this would be like the open source hardware model. in the beginning your funds are there to guarantee production, and later on they are an investment once the project has enough to be executed, extra dollars for show content should provide a return on a first in first profit out scenario.

3rd It must be in HIGH DEF – I did not buy all of this stuff years ago for studios to wine and cry their way to the bank while they shoot it in HD but publish it on the Internet in less than SD quality.

jadi: I like Unbox. It has always worked great for me. For those of you who haven’t tried it out yet and don’t want to spend any money, I quickly made a google gadget that searches for and displays the hidden free episodes they have for download. There are usually 4 or 5 free at any given time and with this new content from NBC, I’m expecting them to add a lot more over the next few days.

Link to the gadget if you want to check it out:

bdamon: I like Unbox. With Amazon coming out with a DRM-free music store soon I think they are looking to expand thier market in different ways. I use both iTunes and Unbox and like each for different things.

The best thing about Unbox is that it stores all my media for me. I don’t have to carry it with me. I can just access it on any computer I want. That’s a HUGE advantage. Unbox also has a much bigger selection of movies and you can rent them cheap. And it works great with my TiVo.

Overall I like the iTunes store better. More selection for shows and music, great access to podcasts, and better intgegration with the iPod. But Unbox has some features that would make iTunes much better if they would adopt them.

phogasmic: I cannot believe they call Apples DRm “loose” It is barely acceptable, barely.. only because it is the best policy out there next to DRM Free. However Amazons policy, 2 computers, 2 authorized media devices, r u insane. No Way! No How, not ever! Not after I could buy shows on ITunes, and move them around between my Macs, IPods, and Apple TV as needed. Bye Bye legal downloads. To the wonderful people who created brilliant shows like The Office, Battlestar Gallatica, and Heroes, I am so sorry that I will have to steal your shows now, I really am. I tried to support you guys when I felt the policy was fair, I used t obe very much against pirating any content. But this is unfair, greedy, and out of control. FUCK YOU NBC!!!!

SirBotchness: just got the office season 3, its great. Never had to buy low quality versions of the shows on the internet. My tv setup looks and sounds better than my computer’s. So all of this crybaby crap that is going on because some TV network turned its back on your beloved apple doesn’t have any effect on me or anyone i know. Funny, if you come to digg its like the entire world just ended, but if i go outside and talk to people, no one gives a shit.

isaaccs: I paid for and downloaded lots of NBC content from iTunes…. but Unbox won’t play on my mac, and I won’t buy content to store permanently on my TiVO… I’m not willing to give up the disk space permanently on that device. So no more NBC for me, I guess.
What a bunch of old fools at NBC… you’d think they want to distribute through as many online outlets as possible, including the most popular one.

ag006f: Will my TV shows arrive in a brown cardboard box?

thetron: Unbox uses Windows Media based DRM. It can be easily cracked and removed without much hassle

n8o8: I just wrote NBC an email telling them that they just lost my ~$200 per season because they made this boneheaded mistake; I of course suggest you do the same!

dvdstrk: Ah, the irony: I had never even *heard* of,, or until this whole incident.

Thanks, NBC!

Morky: This is good news for Apple, as NBC is setting itself up to fail so miserably that they will beg to come back to iTunes.

zen6ox: Maybe Amazon will sell the shows to Canadians. I doubt they will be able to though.

Morky: NBC could sell HUNDREDS of TV shows with this model to DOZENS of viewers.

iainc: Good luck with that, NBC. I would have bought your shows from iTunes, but Unbox doesn’t work on Mac so you can go fuck yourselves. I’ll get the shows “some other way” now. Fucking luddites.

jlyoung: this is the most stupid time for NBC to do this. With the new rumor ipod announcements, itunes will most likely see a flurry of new customers, and those new customers will want new content. IMO NBC just lost alot of money and viewership.


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