Apple Announces new iPod Nano “Fatty”!

cyphin6Titles says it all.[…] Thanks to cyphin6 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

PricklySponge: iChode

Tweekster: Good god, enough with the ipod spam.
or are that many diggers such sheep that they willl reflexively digg up anything related to ipods

specialbuddy: I just want to know if I can get the 2nd gen nano 8gb for 150 bucks. It’s a way better design. I think most people are going to skip out on this one and get the touch instead.

Moogle: And Apple fanboys say that Microsoft’s designs suck.
This iPod’s design is full of pure fail.

mrosen310: That is the worst looking ipod out but its still going to sell. Also did people forget about the ipod classic

markchristian: @merreborn
Dugg for “See how that works?”

TastyWheat: It really wouldn’t have killed them to make it a sideways player (a la iRiver, Creative, and SanDisk). It still only goes up to 8GB too. They must be really determined not to get my money.

stillasleep00: does anyone else find the split interface weird?

Phoenixus: It makes me sad that 6 of the top ten stories are about iPods. 😦

tilttv: Shhh…listen… That sound you hear are the Nano accessory companies doing the dance of joy knowing we all need to buy new iPod covers.


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