Apple announces the 6th gen iPod!

mrfreeziexpIt’s got coverflow and more[…] Thanks to mrfreeziexp for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Scanner771: I just bought a iPod Classic the 160GB, It sucks that they don’t have them in the stores Once there announced the 80GB were but it may be because the info would get out about the size. I did try to get the new Bluetooth keyboard but they would not ship them out or have them in the stores for a month.

2meterpeter: I upgraded my ipod to the 80GB version 3 months ago. So should have waited. Sod the ipod touch 160GB is the way forward!

peatah: People care more about their iPod then their music, sad really.

civdis24: Man, forget cover flow! Cover flow sucks. Though it looks awesome for leopard, I never use it in iTunes because it is USELESS!!!

richkidd: I liked the ability to upgrade to the new software last September. Why isn’t this possible for 4G and 5G pnwers?

Shats299: Im a bit of a zune fanboy, but this looks very appetizing…
Long battery life, tons of storage?
Thats all I’ve ever wanted in an iPod or any other mp3 player!

LxRogue: 80GB for $250 seems pretty nice. Screw all the flashy junk on the “touch” version.

wtbuser: Buried as Apple spam.

GSX0r: ron paul

hellyes0: Isn’t anyone else so sad that the iPod touch has 16GB? I have much more music than that. Now I gotta wait even longer? So sad.


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