Apple Cuts iPhone Price to $399

maverick999With that new heat the iPhone will be getting from the iPod Touch, Apple decided to lower the barrier of entry to a much more palatable $399.[…] Thanks to maverick999 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

stickyhoney: The Iphone’s are still going in Australia for about $799AUD …


lornefs: You are all stupid it is 400, not 399!

aaliymah112: That’s pretty good. My mom would’ve been soooooooo pissed had she listened to me and bought the phone when i asked. So now she’d be happy with her purchase.

pastrynak: Get a free Apple iPod Touch @

HypocriteDigg: Sign the petition

Zebb: I can’t believe all the people that are upset by this price drop, those who are “cheated”. I don’t feel sorry one bit that you purchased what was clearly known to be an overpriced phone in the first place, many of you stood line to do this barking back at those saying it was ridiculous to buy such a overpriced phone, by saying $600 is not that bad for a phone with such amazing new features. Ohh but now, you complain that suddenly you got duped, HA, suck it up. (obviously not all of you stood in line to get one or rushed out to get one so kudos to you)

tocheeba: you guys realize that phone prices drop ALL THE TIME? i paid $700 for an imported Treo 750v when it first came out…and now its cheap as hell.

All of you guys basically paid retail price…and everyone that buys one now is finally getting their “2 year discount” price 🙂

I know i’ll get dug down … but whatever…. PWNED!!!

theforrester: According to AT&T (“Cingular is now the new AT&T”…oy! if I hear that one more time), you can get the 4GB for $299.

NelsonX: For those that are complaining – why don’t you just buy another iPhone for a friend or family member – and thereby bring the average cost down..

nocluefred: I’m glad to see this price drop, but I’m really surprised that it came so early. I know that early adopters get screwed on pricing, but that was way faster than I thought. Sucks that I could’ve saved some money, but I have loved having my iPhone. Boy, I must really be sucked into the Apple vortex.


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