Apple killing 4GB iPhone, $299 while supplies last

ichingIt’s true, Apple has no more use for the puny capacity of its 4GB iPhone, and is selling off the remaining stock at $299. Get ’em while the getting’s good! Oh, and yeah, that means the Apple Store is finally back up,[…] Thanks to iching for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

craibuc: So, when does the 16 GB model arrive?

ussoldier: I was an early Apple adopter and bought a Mac SE for $3500. Can I trade it in for credit and get 10 iphones? The Apple dealer that sold it to me assured me it was more computer than anyone would ever need and would boost your personal productivity many fold. Oh, snap, look at those Apple salesmen suddenly become very downright rude and laugh at me. I asked him if he could help me buy some software for it, like some games for my kids to play, and he laughed even harder. Ok, so I’m not buying your iphone now, at any price. Screw you Apple.

WarFreak131: sure, if apple does it, fanboy bias will somehow make it okay for apple to do a bait and switch, but when sony does it with the ps3, everyone gets pissed and hates sony

coolharshal: After some time I realised that most of the features of iPod touch will be not that useful as its still a pain to use public WiFi hotspots. So, No web-browsing using Safari, No You-Tube videos and No online music downloads. And yes, there is no inbuilt Radio. But still I’ll wait for couple of months for a refurbished piece to appear on Apple site.
check out :

partch: I called and threatened to cancel my AT&T service and they gave me a $100 credit.

I figure, if I bought a phone that they attached a two year contract to, you bet I’m complaining if that phone is discontinued & the price drops 33% not two months after I “sign up”. Anyway, if any of you guys try this I had to get right down to the cancellation pat before their rep offered up a Benjamin.

Cirrius: Honestly to me its still not worth a 2-year att contract.

dignon: Looks like all the anti-Apple bigots out there have run out of things to complain about.

tc2004txst: So if you bought the iPhone 4gig ONE MONTH AGO before the price drop you would have paid $500 for it. But if you bought a refurbished iPhone 4gig 10 days ago they would send you a check for $150 and you would have only spent $250 for it. Wow, a 50% price drop in a span of one month! I must say, that sucks for anyone who bought the iPhone early. And here I thought I had felt screwed after purchasing an iMac and a MacBook Pro both right before their respective upgrade dates, it still wasn’t a 50% price drop.

shinelikeitdoes: “Well most people who make the mistake of buying something overpriced would find the slightest reasons they can to justify it just to make themselves feel better.

A good example is how starving Graphic Design students spend extra money on Macs when they can just get a Windows computer for cheaper. More Graphic Designers are switching to Windows due to better 3D software & hardware support. Of course, those Mac users will say that they can just have two computers… a Mac for everything and a Windows for 3D stuff… but obviously we know that it would just be better to use Windows for everything in that situation. Some Mac users also dispute that 3D isn’t necessary for Graphic Design work yet the most famous Graphic Designers all use 3D objects for some of their work. That’s how some people act when someone tell them they made a bad decision. It’s not only for Macs, but for everything else in life like money, girlfriend, car, etc.”

this is horribly uninformed. im not sure what design related 3d you are thinking is not achievable on a mac?
maya is available, and most graphic designers using 3d will require something more along the lines of cinema 4d.
and we’ll still get it done in a more efficient environment.

Smiley09: Is this similar to the PS3 price drop of 07′ or does it not count this time because something something?

Smeed: nvm

Scott2: Got one! Hell yeah!

sleeknerve: This is the ipod touch not the iphone, there completely different, this one can not make calls


dfaulting: I can’t wait for the software unlock to come out… I ordered a 4gb to use on my t-mobile account.


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