Apple’s iPod Touch gets official

vangogh71ipod touch[…] Thanks to vangogh71 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

bib4tuna: nobody needs more than 16gigs of music at a time

tmcdigg: Ok, I’ve gone page, after page and now I’m neck deep in the APPLE THIS, APPLE THAT digg story pile of SHIT!
Time to stop digging and LOG OFF!
See ya!
Until next time digg..
(I stop here, because if I go any further I’ll hit the B/S Microsoft stories.. Bill & Ted – aka Kevin Rose & Alex Alborscht paid sponsors)

Pinoycyberwebs: Disappointed! 8GB / 16GB! Hell no! Apple make a wrong move! Please make a 30GB ipod touch… I’m not gonna buy that! 8GB for $299 and 16GB for $399! Hell no! lower you price apple. 16GB for $299 maybe I’ll buy it!

stark222000: i really dislike the ipod touch…don’t get me wrong i love Apple but there are a few things i want LEAST 30 gb of storage

2.WiFi for use outside of a wireless network

3.and also a little less expensive

because in all seriousness this could be a great idea for people who don’t want all outrageous phone bills… but im gonna way till the second generation ipod Touch….see if they learn a little bit

alexra: please jack up the size, i have 20 or so gigs on my 5.5G, hopefully steve will see this problem, and up the storage on the ipod touch.

alexra: yah what is the diffrence between 16GB of flash and 16GB of harddrive anyways?

jasonh1234: I sold my mint condition iPod video (80GB) with case (worth $50) and aftermarket dock (worth $20) and 9,823 DRM free songs plus videos. this morning for $280 to my boss. (All prices Canadian dollar) I plan to replace it with the touch. I can make due with only 16GB.

Honestly, How much content can you listen to or watch in a single day? Don’t you size complainers ever dock your pods? To lazy to select specific items to sync? Don’t know how to craft playlists? Get over it!
If you’re going on a road trip you don’t need 20 DVDs worth of movies and 10,000 songs.
Pick and Choose content! Your decision is not final. It’s an iPod-RW not iPod-R

marianomd: It only lacks the ear speaker and skype.

NStuart88: I dont understand why so many people are complaing about this situation. I personally believe that no one will be happy until the Apple Ipod Touch wipes the consumers A$$ but then again you guys will still complain saying “OMG IT’S NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CHARMIN TOILET PAPER, WTF WAS STEVE JOBS THINKING”

redwallhp: LOL. I predicted most of Apple’s moves:


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