Apple’s Official Video Walkthrough of the iPod Touch

1KrazyKoreanHere’s an abridged version of Apple’s official walkthrough of the new iPod touch, complete with new info on the Wifi iTunes Music store, the new interface, and a whole lot of over-the-top hand gesturing.[…] Thanks to 1KrazyKorean for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

tmcdigg: Someone needs to rewrite the firmware to exclude itunes features and put in open p2p file sharing applications such as open-nap, limewire, direct connect, and bittorrent. People really need to stop feeding the itunes media store. OR BETTER YET, buy an Archos 604- 705 series Portable Media Player, which doesn’t lock you into a company’s proprietary media store/drm features.

northernmunky: Some great puppeteers controlling his arms though…

PANTONE285: Why am I getting flashbacks of zelda II when I watch this?

pastrynak: Get a free Apple iPod Touch @

Sticky_icky: I was just wondering…what color are his eyes?

m0dded: the iPod Touch has a lot of buddons you can press. buddons buddons buddons.

Menoats: Am I the only one thats disappointed that the WiFi doesn’t let me manage my Ipod library? I thought it would make more sense logically that I could update my Ipod’s music using WiFi without having to connect it then to log on to iTunes store. Or better yet stream music from my Ipod onto my computer, without it actually being connected. Whatever thats just me though.

xavierh: The question that I have is will they add the option to download podcasts / video casts and audiobooks…that will be interesting. You could then get updated podcasts anywhere

Listor: all I freaking want is radio, so I can listen to the TV’s at my gym while I work out since the tv’s are broadcasted that way. Is AM/FM to much to ask for in a several hundred dollar device?

cphuntington97: Why does he keep saying, “widescreen?”

The proportions of the display are 4:3. Sure, it’ll put the black bars in if you want, but the physical display is not widescreen.

Smills: I really got my hopes up with this iPod, but when they said 16Gb, that just killed it for me. 30Gb would be about the minimum I would be willing to buy it for. I like to bring files around in my media players and just one game ‘backup’ can be 8gb. Not to mention demos. I guess it is the Zen Vision for me…

RagnerD: The wi-fi isn’t that compelling. They need to add be adding more value if they expect people to purchase music from the iTMS.
For now if you want lyrics for your songs in iTunes you can get them with this plug-in.

Maasneotek: It seems pretty cool to me, This is what i wanted form the beginning (this product). However, you’ll notice there is no Email application for the Ipod Touch. just a ‘contacts’ list. It really doesnt make sense to me. Its a music player and a PDA with a internet access, BUT they specifically omitted the email capabilities. It seems like a gaping hole in the abilities of the device. On top of that is that this device runs neither Flash nor Java. Which means, the majority of WEB 2.0 sites out there will not really be run at their finest. The processor actually can run Java natively so its not a matter of processing power…..

ahawks: I’m glad this is on digg now, so I can comment on it. I saw the video on their website yesterday, and I just couldn’t get over the way that guy says “buttons”

jasonpoon: Apple should find a woman next time…maybe the “genius” from Apple Quick Tip of the Week.
123456 maybe a good password, no one will ever think someone actually uses it as the password.


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