iPhones selling well in Japan though still no good as phones

j1337J-CAST claims that Apple’s i-Phone is so popular that even in Japan, where they are not officially on the market, people are buying them. [It is still not known if Japanese mobile phone operators will introduce them in the country.][…] Thanks to j1337 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Sexton65: So?

Kikkomann: The title is a bit misleading (“selling well” per se).

Apple’s iPhone is still not commercially available here in Japan. People who currently have them here acquired the phone from friends/relatives in the U.S. or from some other place not local.

But if the title’s idea pertains to iPhone “selling well”, meaning the mass loves the idea and would really like to buy the product if it is finally in the market – then yes, it is really selling well.

cave: I bet now they’re pissed they didn’t wait and bought an iPod Touch for half the price.


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