iPod Hi-Fi dies a quiet death

OneManArmyThe iPod Hi-Fi has now been axed from the online store.[…] Thanks to OneManArmy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

chanhuff: its back on there website

PANTONE285: Apple TV is next in line.

frequencydip: I was a huge fan of I, I use it as my stereo in my bed room. It has plenty of kick for small to medium rooms. I wish they tried introducing a updated and cheeper model first. I would likely would have bought another. I also used it allot for pick-nicks, beach parties and tail gating. There is no better portable / battery operated ipod dock out there…

brewno2k: I got mine a while ago, refurbished one — 100 € cheaper — I just got it because it had a nice discount. Besides using it with the iPod, I use it with my digital TV (using the laser entry) and also with my DVD player. My friends are always impressed by it’s quality. I love it and have no regrets of buying it. It is a great product.

buckeye77: I can’t believe people bought this.

crlake: They were charging WAY TOO MUCH money for “Just a simple speaker”. I don’t care how big it was. At $350 — I could have gotten 2 speakers and have change left over for a pizza party.

Try again Apple — but this time try $150, instead of $350.

Avaseal: Cough Cough…B&W Zeppelin. http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/

Idearat: If the TouchPod has the same idiotic: ” You can only watch movies if you turn the thing sideways” mode as the iPhone then a whole new batch of people will be annoyed when their slick docking speakers mean they have to lay on their sides to watch a video.

Even just listening to music on the iPhone you can only use coverflow in landscape more. This is going to make docking speakers less attractive, at least unless someone comes up with one that rotates 90 degrees.

mshanly: I submitted this story from TUAW over nine and a half hours ago. 😦

nilsko: I have it. I love it.

MrViklund: No. It’s not dead. I have heard that Apple is preparing a new version so keep your eyes open.

toetagger: Not so quiet it doesn’t make it to the front page…..

BossKey: Well, the iPod Socks outlast yet another Apple Store product!
(Maybe it’s because iPod Socks have a 4-star average user rating, which I personally don’t get, but whatever…)

riddlebox: They will release it again in a 10 years. Just like they do with all of their products. Give it a different name and call it Cool.

jakefloyd: http://www.apple.com/ipodhifi/

are you serious?


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