iTunes Ringtone Editor Hands-On

1KrazyKoreanAfter a summer of waiting for ringtones for the iPhone, they’re finally here. And Apple delivers with a package that’s easy and convenient to use. iTunes lets you know which tracks you can turn into a ringtone by displaying a bell next to them. If you click the bell it brings up a graphic editor which is quick and responsive.[…] Thanks to 1KrazyKorean for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

inkhead: The only reason the ringtones cost 99cents, and that there are only 500,000 iTunes songs supporting it is because of the RIAA. They set it up (last year) so music sold online and then used as ringtones would not be part of fairuse. You think steve jobs wanted to come out on stage and only offer ringtones on a few songs? NO. It’s because the RIAA laid down the stupid law.

Mr. Jobs also was very nice to make a comment, that (when ringtones are activated) You can use pre-existing CDs you rip into itunes just not mp3s already existing because this would violate their agreement with the RIAA.

This is not Apple, this is the RIAA finding a way to make you pay for everything. Spread the word.

streak: Ridiculous fee.

Flashman: Save yourself 99 cents a pop:


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