NBC Universal says goodbye to Apple and hello to Amazon

ichingNBC Universal didn’t waste any time replacing Apple. Episodes of The Office and Heroes will begin appearing at Amazon’s Unbox starting next Monday, according to a statement released by the companies. Amazon customers can download the pilot shows for new series, such as Bionic Woman, and Chuck, free[…] Thanks to iching for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

OffPiste: Fuck you Apple. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

chase001: Hello, Bittorrent!

cambrown99: NBC Universal says goodbye to Apple, and I say goodbye to NBC Universal.

kspore: Majority of iTunes users are Windows users. That’s just a simple fact of numbers. The major of folks watching video on the net are windows users, again just numbers. Now, if you ask % of users of an OS, i bet you would see Mac users much higher. Never-the-less, this isn’t about users. This isn’t about DRM. It has to be about NBC Universal worrying about Apple having too much power over video on the internet and portable devices. This is a bad day for those that enjoy watching TV shows on their Mac or iPods.

geekee: Will there be an option to rent now that they’re not stuck with Apple?

rgodfrey: I don’t know what percentage of iTunes TV buyers are Mac users, but they (we) can’t use Unbox, even if they (we) wanted to.

dssstrkl: Unbox? That hasn’t died a screaming and hairy death yet? Whatever, I guess if Suprnova can return from the dead, anything’s possible.

Except more people use Suprnova than know that Unbox even exists, so good luck with making any money there, NBC.

Dralite: It’s obvious now… NBC was trying to have more control of Apple’s selling methods to control their part in piracy (as if that would stop the average “give it to me or I’ll take it” Bit Torrent user).

I am officially boycotting NBC until they take steps forward, not back. I suggest everyone do the same. Support the shows, Not the network.

laserob: Fuck You NBC.


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