New iPod Touch Makes Us Drool, Itch with Desire

yokozukaThe new iPod Touch is out, complete with 8-mm form factor, touchscreen, Coverflow, Mac OS X and all the eye candy you can imagine. The hardware design looks amazing, we want to hold it, touch it and lick it.[…] Thanks to yokozuka for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

coolharshal: After some time I realised that most of the features of iPod touch will be not that useful as its still a pain to use public WiFi hotspots. So, No web-browsing using Safari, No You-Tube videos and No online music downloads. And yes, there is no inbuilt Radio. But still I’ll wait for couple of months for a refurbished piece to appear on Apple site.
check out :

jze17: Don’t forget that wi-fi will shorten the battery life by half.

ultimatekiwi: Hold it and touch it, yes. Lick it, not so much.

aristotle0dude: The Zune 2.0 is dead even before it’s released. MSFT really did not have a chance anyway but they really screwed up with their idea of Wifi for just squirting temporary copies of songs to other Zunes.

adampolselli: “im onz yo computr… orderin a ipod touch”

Confusinator: It didn’t make me drool or itch with desire at all, what are you talking about?! Buried for lying to me.

clafleche: the starbucks thing is lame in every sense of the word.

cheddarhead92: I cant’ wait until someone makes VOIP for it, then it’s just a cheaper Iphone without AT&T’s evil taint.

Lumbage: No we don’t.

wrenchhead: Put my old iPod up for sale expecting to be blown away by the iPod touch, just called and canceled the sale… can’t think of any reason i would pay S$500 for something that so desperately wants to be an iPhone and doesn’t even offer decent storage. Think I’ll save my money and get an HTC Touch (ahem… pending lawsuit, anyone?) then at least i’ll have a nice 30 gig ipod and an innovative phone.


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