Stop. Don’t pay $0.99 for those iPhone ringtones

SillyMammaThe Steve may want you to cough up $2 for an iTunes track + ringtone but TUAW is watching out for your wallet. You already own the song. Use it the way you want. Here’s a quick round-up of the ways you can get iPhone ringtones for free.[…] Thanks to SillyMamma for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

st3vo: Stop. Don’t pay $0.99 for songs.

juhani: You don’t own the ringtone or any content or software you buy. You pay for the right to use it, defined by its license.

If you want to bitch about that, you need to bitch the politicians to change the law. But saying you “own” something like that on DIGG makes you just look stupid or ignorant.

Then again, you can always vote with your wallet.

aguynamedben: Stop. Collaborate and listen…

Excessive: STOP.

Time to reboot the computer..

tunapez: Buy a data cable, peruse Howardforums, learn a new trick or two and never buy another ringtone. Ever.

Best of all, no free ads on my phone. Thanx Tunapez Wireless!

Crazysticks: = superior

ncapone: Bluetooth + Quicktime

wired4u: Dose anyone actually buy the ring tone? Hell even my sister can upload a ringtone using a site like

Fireman27: I liked NBC’s ring tone! Hehe! (Only funny if you watched the conference)

thisguy47: Let’s not forget

adampolselli: Posted this elsewhere earlier and it seemed relevant: “See, you’re not paying for the ringtone. The ringtone is simply a 30-second clip of a song you already own. You’re paying to make it. By yourself. You do the work, then you pay someone else for your work. It’s like spending $10 on a stock photograph, then paying another $10 to crop it. What a load of crap.”

supersaw: Stop. Don’t buy an iPhone.

PS. Making ringtones is ridiculously easy. Audacity + sound file of your choice and some chopping.

legioss: motorola phone tool is the best for ringtones on motorola’s phone

usergentoo: If I really want one I just use

mlazarov: Yea, people won’t buy these like they didn’t buy Guitar Hero 2 Xbox 360 song packs


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