The White iPod Has Gone Extinct

BLONGOWe all saw it coming, but now it’s official, white iPods have become extinct. May we all bow our heads, and take a trip down memory lane.[…] Thanks to BLONGO for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Twee: I think they wanted to give higher class status to the ethnic minorities of the iPod population.

eQUIV: Silver is the new white. Just look at the new imacs. It fits the theme.

insomniac8400: I hope the new ones come in poo brown.

radoo: Black = Hansel

LandOnFire: “And thanks to assholes like the one that submitted this story, 7 OUT OF THE 10 MOST POPULAR STORIES ON DIGG ARE ABOUT APPLE RIGHT NOW.

Shut the fuck up about it, bunch of consumer tools.”


moosepimp06: And who the hell cares? Since when did Digg become Steve Jobs’s personal whore? Dont all you apple “fanboys” have your “fansites” to go read for absolutely retarted “updates” like this? Whats next…”Steve Jobs Observed Wearing a Hat!” oh no Ive been captured, FRONTPAGE DIGG…worst vaginaface ever.

rglover: Ooo, does this mean a silver macbook (not pro)?

TaLoNxNL: In the top ten stories, seven of them are apple related, kinda stupid ain’t it…. *nothing more to add*

st3vo: I always knew apple would go black someday.

mrosen310: let us give a moment of silence for the forgotten generation 2 ipod………………………………………….

mrosen310: A moment of silence for the forgotten generation two ipods………………

DigitalN: see but the thing is, the macbook is color changing, for a while it is white, but after you use it more and more, it turns yellow!

(don’t say this doesn’t happen anymore, my 2 month old macbook is doing it)

dookofearl: what the fuck is up with all this apple shit making the front page today?

Wcain: ipod classic looks pretty white if u ask me.

digitallysick: how about a marble looking ipod, black and white, id buy it


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