Watch the iPod Touch Keynote Liveblog Here

yokozukaGizmodo is using a new real-time system to broadcast the Stevenote today from San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Except a whole new generation of iPods and a couple of surprises.[…] Thanks to yokozuka for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

jbiggs12: they could revolutionize the telecommunications industry by putting skype on it, but i guess apple’s saving its own butt on this one by not pissing at&t off too much

MightyMack: Lol, at 00:32:48 Steve Jobs says iPhone when he meant to say iPod, even he finds it confusing!

explodingtree: Apple: Think Different. Then later think exactly what everyone expects you to think. Yaaawn.

rowlodge: apparently they realized this ipod was a better idea than the iphone.

kwoodnh: $200 off the iPhone! Augh!! Earlier adopter penalty…

waluum: The more songs they allow you to put on there (the highest the storage capacity) the less I want one. They should scrap the iPod and stick with making the iPhone better and cheaper – the range of functionality of that device makes the iPod seem like the brick-phone of the cellular market.

Gumby_Mac: Doh! I was hoping this iPod touch would have a friggin “To-Do” list of some sorts. That’s about all I need in an iPhone or iTouch to ditch my PDA.

go there its updated.

SystemLord: Yawn. Starbucks, who cares. Shit is as dry as tofu. While the additions are nice, same things are in the iPhone. Where is 30Gig model? Eye candy great, functionality wise it’s not anything I am gonna trip over.
— 2cents

ChubbsPeterson: 200 bones off the iPhone! GTFO Apple. I want my $200 back.

griz: Wondering if I can get the iPod Classic software update for my 30gig 5G iPod.

allengeer: starbucks integration… i sense a flop coming.

bouche: What’s this NEW real-time technology that requires you to REFRESH the fucking page? Screw you Gizmodo!

TimRogers: Starbucks lol.

webRat: Dug down – “Expect” not “Except”


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