Why AT&T sucks at selling iPhones

obeezy— there’s almost no sign of the iPhone in AT&T’s stores. While they have all of their other phones on display, the iPhones are kept in the back, and all I saw out front was a brochure. When I asked if they had them, the saleswoman didn’t even have a model to show me.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

fortezza: Good for them. Less iPhone spam that I have to block out. Now, please turn off your stupid iPhone and go outside.

Thank you for reading.

diggerphelps: AT&T stores suck at selling everything. My last phone I bought unlocked online, as AT&T (Cingular then) only pushes the two or three phones THEY want people to have (and thus everybody has them) and don’t work too hard to sell the others. Plus the stores are always crowded with idiots asking stupid questions of the clueless staff.

Anevilweasel: I live close to a smaller AT&T store and they have a small iPhone display. All I can say is it is a nicer display than any of the other phones have. Two iPhones out for people to play with internet access on them and everything.

mr804: The AT&T store here has a HUGE iphone display. with demos and crap. I’m not sure if they have any for hands on though. (Virginia Beach, VA)

Plezops: Both of my local ATT stores have the iPhone banners on the front windows and 2 or 4 iPhones (one with 2 and one with 4) out on display… they just never have any in stock if you ask to buy one…

diggtomanjeri: That’s because Apple is in charge of all marketing for the iPhone and they’d prefer you buy it through their site or their stores.

elementalwinds: On another note… AT&T stores have been found least likely to be robbed for IPhones.

Gev1982: hmmm…here we go with the nasty generalizations. I am a retail sales consultant for at&t, and I have yet to find one company-owned store that does not have an iphone display(at least in Austin). At my old store(one that had low traffic) we had three live demo iphones for our customers to play with from the launch date. I can’t speak for every single location, but I can tell you that the iphone launch was a big deal for us in retail, and the company still actively tries to sell the device(every retail sales employee had mandatory classroom training). It sounds to me like another person with a chip on their shoulder. Every company has negative aspects that can be exposed if you try hard enough…give it a rest.

shinpickle: it has nothing to do with AT&T being evil – AT&T could care less about apple anymore, they don’t play the partnership up in their tv commercials either.

its because apple is proving to be a shitty partner – not the other way around – with their instantly hacked hardware, greedy partnership terms, and smartass comments about our slow 3G network from the apple CEO …. not to mention all the bad press they get from bullshit sites like this

ianonline: I don’t live America and have never visited so don’t know anything about AT&T but here’s a thought… maybe they don’t have any in store because the iPhones are selling out so fast. At least you’re not in the UK, the network here is also known for poor customer service, the difference is the iPhone will cost at least 30% more. Everything does in the UK.

artifishall: First off The iPhone sells itself, all a salesman has to do is put it in your hands. Second I live in a small town in Wisconsin and the AT&T store here has three lined up in the front of the store. They also have a kiosk full of accessories which is more than I can say for any other phone they offer. I do own one and you call me a fanboy if you like but I writing this on a machine that is running vista, xp, debian, and ubuntu.

Whammo: My iPhone experience: iPhone display with two phones, burly guard leaning on them blocking access. I asked if I could look at them, he moved a way. They were both broken. :p

P.S. I ended up resigning with Verizon.

thetinguy: It’s because the iphone is nothing more than a phone to them. I mean they don’t have working models (they have empty cases though) of most of the phones they sell. Why should they treat it differently? They don’t get that they should treat it differently. If I was tmobile, I would let people unlock their iphones for free at tmobile stores.

tavisjohn: ATT does not NEED to invest the $500.00 per device, per store, to have a display model! Chances are if are going to purchase the iPhone, you have already made up your mind. Why convince you?

CLShortFuse: There’s a store near my house that isn’t an official AT&T store but it is an authorized reseller. I wanted to get an 8525 when it came out. The guy said he didn’t have one and wouldn’t sell them at his store. The reason why, as he explained, I could understand. He has to pay, out of his pocket, for the device and then resell it to make profit. It’s a $500 device. AT&T will reemburse him for upgrades and special discounts but he needs to pay for the phone in near full. Now the iPhone is a $600 device. Also, this is not the same as an AT&T corporate store. Most AT&T stores you see are just authorized resellers. To be an authorized reseller all you need is the sum of money to buy a bunch of phones and put it on display however you want.


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