35 Absolutely Essential Mac Apps

DariusMonsefWhy do lots of freelancers use Macs? It’s the apps! The software that makes the hardware bling, and it’s not necessarily thanks to Apple. Aperture and iCal may be nice, but often we rely on the smaller, even more useful applications. Here’s a list of great little applications that the Mac-powered freelancer should consider.[…] Thanks to DariusMonsef for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

chrup: Why is there a new “10, 20, 30 … whatever” list coming up every 2 hours?

masaaki: Quicksilver’s overrated. Use Namely for an app launcher.

rads: I find it interesting that Things, an app that hasn’t been released yet, is “absolutely essential.”

CiscoBoy: I love my mac, but why the fuck do we need so many of these stupid lists?!?! It’s always the same fuckin apps too.

antitab: Let me tell you, now that school is back in full swing, Schoolhouse is indispensable.
I’ve had Windows users kick themselves for not buying a Mac upon sight of this app.

nycmac247: VPN Tracker FTW


da5id: No SR. I forgot, Macs can’t.

Madsen: Sorry for…I guess blogspamming…but I made a list some time ago for new macusers…just so they could get an idea of what they should get for their band new macs…”Entry Formerly Known As List Of Indispensable Mac OS X Software”: http://madsenblog.dk/?page_id=11

SinzenStudios: I can’t believe the I.T. department filtered out FreelanceSwitch. Now I can’t get to it from work. Guess I’ll have to read the list from home as my place of employment gets more and more anal each day.

thephosphorbox: #1 – Windows Emulator

🙂 kidding

runeasgar: If you need 35 apps to use a Mac.. you’re doing something wrong.

pidgeyoki: I wish they’d specify more free ones…

LuCiFer6: OK Quicksliver should be #1 on that list.

bobcrotch: The new beta of microsoft’s mac RDP client is essential if you’re doing anything with Windows systems. It allows you to open multiple RDP sessions, run full screen or use a fit to window option. The previous version didn’t do any of these, and do run multiple sessions you had to terminal into a windows session and open from there. If you’ve ever done that before you would understand the latency issues.

P373Y: http://www.duggmirror.com


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