Apple’s iPod Colors Growing Up

arbiterofcoolAt the Apple Special Event this week, they announced several new products and updates… One update I found very interesting was change in colors for the new iPod Nano and Shuffle… Away have gone the bright pop colors and welcomed in are more mature, rich colors.[…] Thanks to arbiterofcool for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

crlake: What is so great about these ugly muted colors? I’m sorry, but they look like “OLD MAN”. They scream “BORING”. I can understand if you don’t want an neon green 80GB ipod for $400 bucks. But this is only a little shuffle, used mainly for working out. Jeeze, don’t be so boring.

caffeine1: Enough with the fucking iPod/iTunes articles! Digg is getting a little boring.

ahittle: Weird gap in space there. You can go up to 8G on the Nano, 16G on the Touch with a crazy markup. And then 80 and 160G on the Classic. And did anyone check that site? It’s a board/blog for people that really love color.

klaupacius: All girly. If you were my male friend or fam, I’d make fun of you. Except for my pal Keith, he’s gay and likes that kind of stuff, so I understand.

AROZ: Don’t worry, we’re just 3 years away from brown 😛

FireXtol: The new colors look very vomitish -they gave me nausea. Fitting for an Apple product.


cave: I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t think these colors will last very long. I also wonder how long it’ll take before white becomes the new silver again?

rboyce: I preferred the old bright red to the new magenta-ish red ones.

liquisoft: Just because a color is vibrant doesn’t make it childish or less mature. Vibrant colors are fun, and that’s it. I think the idea of “fun” goes well with what Apple is trying to sell.
And how are faded, less saturated colors somehow more mature? Do adults hate color? Does it burn their retinas? Frankly, I think Apple dropped the saturation on the colors simply to open the Shuffles up to those folks who are scared of anything bold. You know these types: they drive beige cars, live in beige houses, and use beige computers. Owning a bright orange shuffle would seem too drastic, but now that they can own a slightly more pastel shuffle all is right with the world.

eatkitten: Yes, purple and teal are far more “mature” than pink.

EspressoNinja: Other than the orange, they all look drab and muted. Maybe in real life, the metallic finish on them would brighten them up. And the absence of white in the entire iPod lineup makes me kinda sad.

ghaerdon: Very G3! Don’t like the new green. They should have kept the orange and neon green, pastels will be “out” soon… and so will new ipods; watch for a colour change and new ipods in the Spring.

TexanPsycho: I so much prefer the orange Shuffle and it could do with a black one as well.

alexpigment: hey does anyone remember the 80s? part of the reason people cringe at fashions of the 80s is because of colors like these. i don’t think these are “grown up” at all. they’re just ugly and depressing.
the blue, green, and orange from the last batch were nice looking. i give it a year and we’ll be back to those colors. this new color scheme is A FAD. a bad one at that, as we’ve already seen it come and go quickly in the 80s.

lunarworks: Same thing happened with the original iMacs.

The first couple of batches of them were bright and fun. Then a new batch came out, and they adopted richer, less vibrant “car” colours, as I called them.


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