Instant Expert: Secrets & Features of iTunes 7.4

brentbufordGreat summary of new iTunes features.[…] Thanks to brentbuford for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

W0lfcake: iTunes is gay, the only reason you use it because you think it’s the only program to upload to an iPod, and that’s bullshit. There’s lots of alternatives to the crappy(some of the aspects at least), expensive, but good looking mp3.

Thorsten: AWESOME. I love how you can now slected your playlists, be it in the iPod Synchronization or selecting PLaylists in Smart Folers AWESOME!!!

Thank YOU Apple finally!!!

aliguana: I love the way you can watch video INSIDE iTunes now, instead of a pop-up window or that tiny artwork window. Waaaay overdue. (I also like the fact you can specify to open music videos in the iTunes window, and movies in a popup window. Kudos to Apple for that)

Seaton: They forgot to mention the wonderful warning screen about NOT being able to burn CDs every single time I load iTunes. Yeah I know x64 is not officially supported but it used to work fine.

Herolint: Dugg for the Rush album covers in the story.

53×11: I don’t see the feature listed where it rapes your PC’s performance with it’s memory hogging cock.

ogre2112: Kudos to the author for using Rush album covers as examples. I loves me some rush! /grammar

miniboss: 7.4 breaks network streaming of video in Frontrow.

My mini is connected to the HDTV as a media box and I use frontrow to stream things like podcasts or TV shows off the Macbook. But now when you try to view video it kicks to the desktop and only plays audio. I guess it’s a little used feature but it sure affects me.

patch6: Don’t forget the “randomly screw up your first/second generation ipod” feature. can help most of those affected, and the freeware MediaMonkey is a good iTunes replacement.

xShad0w: Who the fuck still uses windows 2000??????!!!!!

Frozo: Bono looks like a fat housewife in that picture lol Is that a moomoo? lol

uptolate: Thanks Apple…updated to 7.4 and now I have 3 copies of every song..

Azimuth1: There are ways around it, but why don’t they add support for skinning? iTunes is freaking ugly.

Also I’d really appreciate a “play next” option that appears when you right click a song. All Apple ever adds is minor fixes and support for new devices, they never actually significantly improve the application.

macewan: @jailbushnow, you really don’t need to be us over the head – nobody buys their official story anyway. If there is justice in America we’ll see those two criminals impeached one day soon.

h4ppymac: i the new feature that safari cant open the page?

/stupid joke


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