iPod Classic, iPod nano unboxing pictures

OneManArmyiLounge have gotten their hands on some brand new iPod Classics (both colors) and iPod nanos (all 5 colors) and did what any self respecting member of the Mac web would do: posted a bunch of unboxing pictures on Flickr. The iPod Classic comes in a box very much like the one the iPhone comes in.[…] Thanks to OneManArmy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

britoca: pathetic

AceTracer: A video is worth a thousand pictures.

mashedpotatoes: That new shade of darker red looks so hot on the Nano. Wish they had that Red on the classic.

Wammy333: More Fanboy Fodder Yea Apple! –Not

singapor3: looking great, when will it be available?

helimeef: Oooooh… I was thinking the Classic was ugly till I saw these pics! I think I’ll wait until iPod Touch comes out, so I can compare both. Because I would much rather watch movies on a 3.5″ screen, but only 16GB… I’m also worried about the fact that the classic uses a HDD, which can just break at any time, as opposed to a flash drive with almost no moving parts.
This is a sad, sad day for geeks…

compgeek: really liking the new screen on the nano looks widescreen but not sure. that’ll probably be my next Ipod

scragg0x: circle jerk!

MagicCake: I think the new designs are boring, but the new interface is an improvement. Anyone know if the current 5G owners will be getting in on that via a firmware update?

sfinney180: honestly id rather have creatives new zen over any of the new ipods
but if i had to pick id pick classic they look nice enough think they should have did a all white model tho

coolyfooly88: The new iPod OS seems to make all the difference for me. *Sigh* I can’t possibly justify buying one when I already have an iPod video and an iPhone.


aeo6790: This is pointless news. Bury!

pappas215: yea! I cant wait to go jerk off to pics of someone opening a card board box!

Dylson: These are SFW!


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