iPod touch may do more than Apple expects

vergeThe iPod touch already has a lot of features, including the usual music and video capabilities and some new Internet and WiFi tricks. In fact, the iPod touch might be so different in both looks and functionality from previous iPods that it’s no longer just a media player. But exactly what is it?[…] Thanks to verge for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

remaxi: Maybe apple plans on using the 30 pin dock connector to make addons like Speakers, Bluetooth and a microphone so they can charge an extra $30.00
apiece and keep the price down while still making an extra packet of money.

brim4brim: Are you ready, ready …, it’s a Portable Media Player.

tomzer1: Duh! Dugg down as being obvious. You’ve got WiFi, it’s going to be hacked and tweaked. And Apple didn’t sneak in PDA features as all iPods have had Contacts and Calendar for years. That’s part of an iPod, after all.

rkava: one good thing i like about this is that you can turn the screen off when your not using it to save battery (button on the top)

lartones: The itouch seems pretty good to me, but is it fair to loyal apple customers to only off them an 8/16 GB hd to start with or could you possible not screw people over by making them a repeat customers just so they can get a 30, 80 or even a 160 GB in probably a year? I’ll wait a while because i just bought an ipod video a year ago.

vladin: Before I get dugg down. Can someone tell me what the little thing that looks like a slot on top(not the WiFi Antenna) of the IPod is for?

jasoncz1: a starburst dispenser also?

kwago: Ohh! It’s like an iPhone that doesn’t work with my mouth computer!

stillasleep00: What it needs is a torrent app that automatically places downloads in your library and syncs with itunes the same way the Wireless Music Store does…

Saxyturtle: This is really awesome. It would be better if it was bigger than 16 GB. I have wanted an iphone, but I don’t need the phone part of it. They probably cut the price of the iphone and are giving $100 to everyone that already bought one because of anticipation of sales from this new ipod.

REUYL: I run iPodLinux on my first-gen Nano and I love it.

iPL will be AMAZING on this thing!

ingoldsby: As far as I know, it does not have blue tooth.

neferiousrich: considering that i would only use voip over a trusted network, it would only be useful to me at home or at work….

st3vo: Looks like a PDA to me..

Smogtdi: but having people think you are a top fashion guy with a top fashion phone is EXACTLY the good reason to get that fake iPhone.

it’s the same fashion statement as leaving that ipod on the starbuck table in plain view so you get secret social points from people wanting to have one…

..or loosing some because you paid too much for something any middle range cell phone can do.


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