iPod Touch may have Bluetooth!

gklittEngadget just discovered a picture on the German Apple website which shows a iPod touch with a clearly visible Bluetooth icon! Could be a sign of “one more thing” that Steve Jobs forgot to mention…[…] Thanks to gklitt for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

paradox2222: Now what I want out of bluetooth is automatic track syncing. I listen to alot of audiobooks, I would love it if I walked into my room and my iPod recognized my computer’s bluetooth, synced up and sent the current track positions to my computer. This way I don’t have to hook it up through the cable just to get my room speakers playing where I left off on my headphones. Call me lazy or crazy, but that’s what I want.

pastrynak: Get a free Apple iPod Touch @ http://www.freeappleipodtouch.com/

Dugon143: Wow big fucking deal new ipod is going to have new stuff on it. Stop wasting your time reading this crap, and start paying attention to REAL news. Like BRITNEY SPEAR PERFORMING LIVE ON THE MTV VMA ON SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!!!

Lousansano: It seems to only be in the picture showing the biker video but that is strange be cause the other picture showing video playback doesn’t have it

ledzep11: Thats sick if it has bluetooth. Playing it in your car through bluetooth.. SICK

3F05Q: Of course it doesn’t have bluetooth. Why? They’d be shooting themselves in the foot. iPod Touch (w/ bluetooth) + cellphone = direct competitor to iPhone. One of its selling points is the ability to surf the web without wi-fi.

Haecceity: And the bluetooth icon is now gone! They must read Digg.

ShinRaTDR: The secret Wireless N in the iMacs set the precident for putting secret additions to their products. I wouldn’t put it past them, its not like a bluetooth chip is that expensive.

aknightwhosezni: if you look at the ipod touch walk through, you will see that same icon, its not bluetooth, its a play triangle icon


fatjoe151: The refection is all wrong

EO50: Apple took it off the site.


DaviDaviDaviD: Could be an add on at the last minute. If you look at the same picture on the Apple site, it’s not there. IDK about this one, would be nice though!

BillOReilly08: Can we have an Apple section only please?

BlackholeStorm: Apple removed the icon from the photo on their site.:


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