Quicksilver demo by Nicholas Jitkoff

RinoManQuicksilver video/demo by Nicholas Jitkoff (aka Alcor) at the Google campus.[…] Thanks to RinoMan for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

stockjones: This is a great example of a power tool that really wont mean much to the average user although a fancy GUI may help. Its uber finder and command line tool. The command line tool wont mean much to most Apple users.

phytonix: He is cute.

blastcube: What is that ‘constellation’ thing he was talking about. It looked cool. Is it a plugin for QuickSilver or a stand alone app?

OldTownAlex: Nicholas is DA MAN!! Quicksilver is a great app. Keep up the great work, Alcor!!!

“Mind like water”

MajorMauser: Why would you say hes running Leopard?

ajtait: This looks like one giant NDA violation to me. Anyone else realize he is running Leopard at a public demo?

noblepenguin: What I do is set up universal keyboard shortcuts for my commonly used apps. I hold down Option+Ctrl and type a letter (it’s usually the first letter of the app). To open Transmit, for example, I hold Opt+Ctrl with my thumb and reach for “T” with my index finger. I can open most apps with just my left hand that way. Adobe’s stuff is set to F1-F4.
I control iTunes with universal shortcuts too, except I use Ctrl+Shift and Q to play/pause, A to skip back a song, S to move forward. I can damn near control my whole computer with my left hand (important for those times when you just need your right hand 😉

tzon: Cool app. Love it.

MadTom: Wonder if they got the name from QuikSliver..

skyshock1: OSX is nearly useless without Quicksilver. I just wish the devs that are making the same thing for Gnome would hurry up too.


Katapult on KDE is okay, but not nearly as powerful as Quicksilver.

HyperDav: There is a reason he doesn’t speak in public lot….its because he is obviously terrible at it.

chotty: First of all, that kid needs to switch t o decaf ASAP.
Second, i tired QS for an evening and found it pretty annoying…. sorry.

exomni: Dear God is that guy an absolutely terrible presenter or what?

apersaud: Apple should ‘buy’ Quicksilver and make it standard on Leopard. It is the first app I install on a fresh install of OS X.

Flarup: Very nice stuff. Interesting presentation. I love QS, and the mentality behind it – i use it everyday.


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