Well, Apple Gave Us What We Wanted. Sort Of.

obeezyAs each new product was released, the excitement reached new heights. New nano revealed, sold. Classic iPod revealed with 160gb!! Sold. iTouch revealed!! Sold! Wait a minute, only 16gb? Questionable.[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

ThinkBox: its a fucking FLASH drive…. right now there is a high price for high capacity flash drives… if it was a HDD with that screen, you have have zero battery, can we please all stop bitching about the 16GB?

fanboydcs: I am happy it is flash, flash is durable and reliable, harddrives are not.

its also thin and has a ton of battery life, stop complaining that it is only 16gb, that is way more music than what the average person owns! (if you have more use playlists and only sync what you listen to or buy an iPod Classic)

allaboutdatiki: I’ve been flipping the iTouch over in my brain for the past twelve hours … thinking that it might replace a laptop for those trips when I need to travel light … super bare bones, yeah … but maybe just enough … and best of all, *no* cell phone contract …

Back at the ranch, the iTouch could provide much of the same functionality. I wouldn’t write novels on it, but I sure as hell could knock out emails and posts … while lying flat on my back in the hammock or on the couch.


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