Apple locks TV Out in new iPods, breaks video add-ons

jeremyhorwitzIf you bought a video-capable accessory for a past iPod, don’t expect it to work with the new iPod classic or video-ready iPod nano. Without disclosing the change to customers, Apple has locked the TV Out feature of both new iPods, requiring the purchase of a $49 Apple Universal Dock, new $49 video cables, or brand-new accessories to use it…[…] Thanks to jeremyhorwitz for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

kendrickpi: Found the Video-out as suggested, most pissed. FYI: tried the following settings; a) new iPod nano 4Gb silver with Apple AV cable (RCA) to AVport 3 on my big (old) Toshiba, sound ok but no picture, via direct connect. Also, b) then (the AV cable came with the Apple AV connection Kit MA242ZA/A, so after reading about the authentication chip in this article hooked that up thus; Nano to Universal dock, to AV cable, to TV. First unpowered then powered, still sound only until I checked the settings which did then cycle between – Off, Ask and On. And now I have video-out on the TV, there is only a white screen to the iPod control. The Apple Remote that comes with this dock supports volume, fwd and bck, start and pause, but not the menu button so it is limited to just the ‘playing’ track selected directly from the iPod control wheel. And after the end of a selected track pressing play starts at the beginning of another sound track, which looks to be the beginning of the iPod contents by sort order, Fanfare for the Common Man, Aaron Copland in this instance (Band Day video was the selected video track).
This is all something of a bugger as teacher wife is keen as mustered to take my latest investment in ipod technology off to school with her to use in class as a teaching tool, Art classes, such possibilities, which is something I have discussed with her, using the ipod myself at work, in the national health service. Apple if your listening un-bugger your kit so we can make hay with the knowledge economy everyone it talking about. And if you want to sell me my own ‘iTunes’ store so I can front the distribution of our in-house corporate training deliver I am listening… PS have installed latest iTunes and iPod Nano update 1.0.1

mayonnaiseparty: Fucking outrageous.

NCH8: I will be taking back my iPod tomorrow and telling them that iTunes will not recognize it any longer. This will obviously be a lie but what goes around comes around. I suggest all of you who are pissed off about this, do the same

iMatt711: The new iPods won’t even support older cables made by Apple. This isn’t just locking out competitors this is a completely bulls**t way of forcing a new product down our throats.

bigdoof: Sounds like printer manufacturers requiring “special” authentication ICs just to use replacement cartridges. Of course, all of the Steve Jobs worshipers are going to say that this is a great idea, since it eliminates “low quality” accessories from the marketplace.

Apple makes some of the most closed off devices in the industry and it looks like it’s only going to get worse.

fugtastic: How the fuck are Apple customers so loyal to a manufacturer that takes great pleasure in fucking them over?


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