Apple Seeking Price Cuts on iTunes Television Episodes!

obeezyHmmm, could this be why NBC didn’t renew the contract?[…] Thanks to obeezy for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

2Logical: I don’t buy any shows from iTunes. Some have commented that NBC, and others, fear the DVD sales will fall if the prices get too cheap. “Heroes” on DVD is ~$40, for the 23 shows. On iTunes at $1.99 is ~$46 and doesn’t have the extras. The “24” series makes it even worse. It seems, from my side anyway, Apple has a point.
Also I would probably pay .99 cents to see a missed show but not 1.99. I guess everyone has their threshold. Not to mention I’m unlikely to do it 23-24 times to get a series just have it on my iPod.
NBC is making yet another financial blunder IMHO. If it’s true NBC wants $5 a download, sales will skid to a halt, and the idiot that suggested and pushed it will get promoted.

Ziziros: Studios will come around. The price cut is a very logical move to increase sales. $2 for an episode is far too high, especially when a DVD set can be purchased for around the same cost per episode, with special features. NBC may have considered this price cut an additional threat, but as has been stated they left mainly because of Apple’s refusal to charge $5 an episode. With Hulu coming soon, $1 episodes may be what Apple needs to stay in the TV market.

cjschmidt: I think 99 cents makes a lot of sense. I don’t even think I’d mind if episodes of current seasons stayed at 1.99, there’s no reason for a 15 minute hannah barberra cartoon to cost the same as the hour long episode of House that aired last week. (Although I’d rather everything stayed at .99) The best news would be 720p for 1.99 and standard for .99.

Either way, I’d buy a whole lot more than double what I do now at 99 cents.

MKREdit: I love the way apple has made NBC the bad guy in all of this. First of all its not as if NBC gets the full $2 from a $2 episode apple gets a substantial cut and I am sure apple was not going to reduce its percentage. Why should apple care if NBC shows cost more? Does Mac Mall tell apple it must charge a certain price for a laptop? for apple it’s not about itunes, it’s about ipods. Apple (a hardware company) is only concerned with moving ipods. itunes is just a conduit to make that happen. Online sales is not a cash cow for networks. Networks make more from a :30 spot then from all it’s itunes sales. These companies (networks) are not going to let apple dictate policy so they all will watch this to see who blinks first . If NBCU is successful all the others will follow.

RiotOfWords: Next Apple headline will read “Apple seeks to eliminate profit”

stephend: If Apple are that keen to lower prices, they might consider starting with their new video service in the United Kingdom where they are currently reaming us for 4 bucks an episode. Thieving sods.

maehem: Or I can just rent the DVD from Netflix for about $1 or 4 cents per episode.

image0434: I don’t feel like 2 bucks an episode it too much to ask for as is.

rheaume: I guessing Apple wants too much per download than they deserve for all the work they put into they media they sell (ZERO)
Apple is just a new type of record company, taking giant profits from work they never produced but I’m sure Ill get dugg down for speaking the truth

shibbay: The bottom line is this: Until NBC is in the red from dropping online sales, they don’t care what users think. Their business is about numbers, not about your feelings. Unfortunately the customer no longer matters.

GnKnight1: @locojones

And I can do this during my daily commute to work? I don’t think so.

GnKnight1: @fugrank

I find it interesting that people (like yourself) still make false assumptions that Apple’s products are soooooo overpriced. Sure, there are some MP3 players of the same capacity that may go for a little less than the comparable iPod, but there are also other MP3 players priced the same or more. If Apple was having problems selling iPods due to their outrageous prices, then the basic rule of Supply and Demand would lead to Apple lowering their price. The bottom line is, people seem to be finding a lot of value in the iPod line of MP3 players. This is due to other things besides capacity, which I simply do not have the time to explain to you.

And as far as computers go, if you really compare the Mac line of computers to other computers WITH THE SAME HARDWARE, then you’ll find that the prices are not gonna vary by much. The problem is, most people think Apple computers are overpriced because Apple has chosen not to compete in the sub-$500 POS computer market. Do not make the mistake of comparing a Mac to a sub-$500 eMachine and then complain that Macs are overpriced. They are nowhere near the same machine (thank God!).

If people pay the price that Apple sets for their iPod platform, then the prices must be right. I think Apple’s market dominance of the MP3 market is a clear sign that people overall find the prices right.

arctic: Buried as Duplicate

johnpaul191: Apple is not twisting arms (according to the reports)….. they are trying to promote the idea of making more money through volume. i admit if shows were 99¢ i would probably be a lot more likely to dump cable. i generally now buy shows i miss with my TiVo.

i would never pay $5 for over-the-air shows. i doubt even HBO could have gotten that with the Sopranos….. which is an expensive channel to add to your cable lineup.

KingLukas: I think there might be a slight possibility that NBC will come back… you never know.
However I do agree with these two things; I would much rather pay $1 than $2 it’s, and NBC screwed themselves big time when they canceled there contract.


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