Cringely: The Puppet Master [Behind Steve J’s iPhone Pricing Moves]

winmac96…that 1999 quote from Bill Gates about Jobs: “He has to know that he can never win.”I don’t think Steve knows that at all.[…] Thanks to winmac96 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

hockleyd: Sweet. I’m an admitted Apple afficionado, and there are times I’ll admit the company pisses me off, but it’s still a better set of products, integration and capabilities than anythings I’ve used from Microsoft, the open source world, or anything in the consumer space. I laugh that Cringely is exactly right in my assessment, and it’s a commentary on both Jobs and Apple and the success they have, and the loyalty and passion (good and bad) they inspire.

zcreem: Makes sad reading for the poor schmucks who bought into his corporate gambit.

edtang: Puppet Master… or Jesus!


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