Exclusive: iPhone Software Unlock Confirmed on Video

diskopoDespite confirmation from reputable sources like CNN and Engadget, there were still people unsure of whether iPhoneSIMFree actually worked. The reason? The lack of video proof. Well, here it is, the first, exclusive video proof of the unlock process. Plus, Gizmodo’s giving away five free iPhone unlocks next week.[…] Thanks to diskopo for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

stabilo66: the cheapest price here:


KenIovino: Dugg for the hard work that went into this.

cgomez: How is this exclusive is it if everyone else has covered it two weeks ago?

toetagger: These butt heads are charging 700 dollars to unlock!!!!!!!!!!! That’s $1100.00 for the phone!!! Oh, brother!

BambinosKrib: Hold up, T-mobile is meant to be a decent network in the States?
Hell, in the UK T-mobile is utter pish!

springo: I still think this a scam. How do we know it was not hardware hacked before the video/during the video? Release the damn software if you want to be believed… Oh wait, you can’t because it doesn’t exist! But you’ll be rich by the time we get to know that, right?

zincozinco: why is he not making the call from the dock as he was trying – until it picked up T-mobile- the next frame he has the mobile in his hand. its all just bogus – dont buy it. its one of the biggest scams at the moment. its like i have this car and it runs on water – wanna see me fill it up – ops new frame new car and it revs perfectly – god im so boooooooooooooooored of all these … i have a an unlock fopr the iphone…………

LeadHead: ‘you wana pick me up?…i said you wana pick me up?…you wana pick me up?’

sambam: These guys sold their company already

very: Funny We Never Get to See How the App is Loaded on the iPhone

mshanly: Someone will reverse engineer it to remove the authentication feature, meaning that it won’t phone home and you will be able to unlock your iPhone for free.

akf2000: re: torrenting/ pirating this s/w – it’s doing a ton of phoning home with the iPhone’s IMEI to verify the licence, and who’s better at protecting their own software than hackers?

tirofiban: I’m all for programmers getting paid for their hard work. But really, how many people are going to do this? All the cell phone providers seem about the same to me. There are easy ways to get out of your cell phone contract (ie roam a lot until they end your contract) to switch to AT&T. Is AT&T that bad? Plus I think the visual voice mail is highly underrated as a feature. I have trouble seeing who exactly these hacker’s target market is. I wish them the best, but I can’t see how this is going to make them rich.

Vektuz: I really dont understand why they charge to unlock a phone? Why does an industry that does this exist? Surely the same people who can hack AACS or other crazy protections can also hack this stuff, and release the unlocker for free? Or am I mistaken and there’s some material cost involved here?

giveer: Watching that was like that part in Office Space Where Peter’s trying to leave the office and his Mac keeps throwing status bars at him?… yeah…


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