Free Custom Ringtones in iTunes 7.4

mellon23Instructions on how to “convert” AAC music files to ringtones in Quicktime 7.4. Ringtones and song files are only distinguished by file extension. The file extension for Ringtones is “M4R”.[…] Thanks to mellon23 for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Romba: I use this online tool
it’s usually pretty good for me.

gcgrey: Another site that has just started offering free customized ringtones for all phones that play mp3s (including Verizon phones) is – really easy and worked first time on my Verizon LG VX8600.

ThirdPrize: Another week, another version of iTunes. 😦

phenbach: iTunes 7.4.1 kills this work around

guillemw: Does this work?

spooniep: iTunes 7.4.1 just hit tonight, and kills this feature:

kamikaze87: Yes, you can make your own in iTunes but recently I’ve tried and had perfect ringtones sent to my phone for no charge other than the rates of Verizon for a text message. The site has all user submitted ringtones so it’s updated a lot.

jasondefaoite: Did iTunes 7.4.1 break this?

CrucialMatt: If you have a Bluetooth enabled phone and computer you can do the same thing with Audacity.

MaverickC17: Got three ring tones in the tab but only one will transfer? All three are checked and I did the same procedure for all three. Why wont the other two transfer?

jp22382: Or like mrfreeziexp said above, just download Audacity for free and record whatever the hell you want as it’s playing on your pc.

blacklilyninja: i can’t see how they can get away with charging u more money for a product u already purchased??????

scottcropper: Try this, works every time :

XMalvolio: Actually, as an FYI, a much better way is to use the Options tab in the Song Info window for any song in iTunes. Edit the times to the times you want the ringer to stop and start, then right click the song and click “Convert to AAC.” Then you have the file to rename! If it says “Convert to MP3” instead, just go into Settings Advanced and change your Import setting from MP3 to AAC.

Typhoon2009: Just FYI, if you want to make ringtones out of your current songs. Required: Audacity, LAME MP3 encoder, a bit of free time (like 10 minutes max)
1) Get an audio editing software (I recommend Audacity because it’s free and it’s the only one I know of)
2) Open the song in iTunes and put it to the part you want for the ringtone
3) Set Audacity’s recording to “What U Hear” (that’s how it looks in Windows, IDK how it looks in Mac)
4) Start recording
5) Play the song
6) Pause the song when the part you want is done
7) Edit the blank parts out of the audio file (click once where the blank ends, then click and drag from one side to the other, then hit Delete/Del)
8) Save as an MP3
9) Convert to AAC with iTunes
10) Rename as .m4r


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