iPhoneSIMfree shows us demo of iPhone unlock app, backend — now due Monday

arbiterofcool“So the iPhoneSIMfree guys have some news today. First up, they called to let us know they did in fact delay the launch of their iPhone SIM unlock software (which was clear by the fact that no one has it yet) — but it’s now due Monday, and they’ve promised us iPhone SIM unlocks for five lucky readers.”[…] Thanks to arbiterofcool for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

Vektuz: I’m confused too. Why does it cost money to unlock a phone? Isn’t it just software (hax) that runs?

SirZRX: *confused*

joel8x: Engadget should not be reporting on this. It’s no different than any typical eBay scam. Lets mock up some phony application to make it believable so a few thousand more suckers “pre-order” a product that does not exist.

MajorPain: Yeah I am wondering if it’s not now useless with the latest Itunes at 7.4.1. Anyways those guys at iphonesimfree.com are taking way too long for an update.

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jceagles81: isn’t this ap useless now bceause itunes 7.4 bricks the hacked iphones and 7.3 apperantly has some security buffer overflow flaw

StephenCIreland: anyone know where we can download the demo app ?

pentak: Only T-Mobile? Sorry, that’s not an unlock.

h00ligan: so the only thing that you are losing with t-mobile is visual voicemail then>?

preshit: Atlast a reason for us international users to rejoice ?

iphoner: Is it true that they sold or is this bs? http://digg.com/apple/iPhoneSIMfree_purchased_Undisclosed_Buyer_and_Amount

FvKdUp: The main reason iphonesimfree is selling in bulk is because once they release their software it’s just a matter of time before hackers bypass the licensing and offer free unlocking. The resellers are going to be stuck with extra licenses, and iphonesimfree banked on resellers buying loads of those things. That and it’s definitely better from a legal stand point. i still cant wait

sambam: These guys sold the company already:

nonokiaboy: about time this hit the front page … 😀

gcnaddict: Finally, an update from the original source of the news as opposed to newsthieves over at giz.

nizzy1115: who likes t-mobile. they cant even multiply. 5×5 is not 26!


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