IPod’s Next Killer App? Double Your Storage With ShrinkMyTunes

wealerOn Wednesday at 10:42 a.m., exactly two seconds after Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a heap of new iPods, music geeks everywhere started reworking their finances to make room for the new iPod Touch. But the new players also present a barrier that’s tough for a true music lover to hurdle: storage space.[…] Thanks to wealer for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

nskinn: With stock iPod headphones I couldn’t tell the difference in the music, but with Etymotic Er6i headphones I could notice the sound was not as rich.

This is good for shrinking audio books, though.

DaviDaviDaviD: My friend found this story the other day. I am not like other super audio guys, I only have 4gb of music and the Internet and Youtube features are perfect for me. Plus, I just love the touch screen.

On the topic, this software really isn’t that different from a lot of other stuff available right now.

lhsonic: From their website: “Take the test, check out the songs below and see if you can hear a difference!”

My answer to their question: Yes. A rather big one at that.

I don’t know if their using their “best compression” setting or not, but for the main page, don’t you think they should have some better quality “shrunk” files?

decile: The 59 kbps sample sounds terrible, as expected. This program is a joke.

musictaps: if ipod touch doesn’t have enough storage, get a classic or shut up

bytor4232: Wow! A GUI for Lame! Seriously, I’ve been compressing my MP3s for years this way by using Lame with VBR setting of 5. Takes albums that are normally 50 to 60 megs and “shrinking” them to 20 to 30 megs. Nothing new here, but some people not familiar with VBR might want to take notice.

frederoil: I sincerely hope no one forked out $40 for that.

ozziek: no shit sherlock – the touch is too short on space – amazing deduction – well done!

crazybrit: Yeah, this is way fucking retarded.

kc9fjc: does not convert AAC which is the itunes standard

nobogeys217: Should’ve used a normal hard drive. I’m sure most people would not mind having a slightly thicker/heavier ipod in order to have more storage.

An 80 GB iPod classic is only .1 inches thicker than the touch model.

Still cool though.

senatorpjt: I guess this is a windows-only app. There’s a GPL app for the mac called Max (http://www.sbooth.org/Max) that does what I assume this program does. It’s quite handy, not just for shrinking files for my iPod Shuffle, but also to convert to MP3 for other players that don’t support AAC. (I keep my music as 256kbps AAC).

bromac: The iPod Touch can’t even migrate 20GB iPods. 4G or older. Hell, the 8GB model can’t migrate 1G 10GB iPods.

Apple’s trying to cram their square customers into round holes.

My 3 year old 20GB iPod won’t migrate to the brand new, bleeding edge iPod touch? One step forward, two steps back in my opinion.

jkichline: I think what you all may be missing is trick up Apple’s sleeve. iPod touch is due in October right? Leopard is due out in October right? Both a Apple’s flagship products right? Ah… if you recall, one of the features of Leopard is “my Mac” which allows you to access the contents of you mac from any other mac. iPod Touch runs OSX right? iPod touch has WiFi right? iPod Touch has WiFi iTunes right? The killer apps will not be compression, the killer app will be the ability to access all your media from your home computer, sync it wirelessly, in the palm of your hand.

DaleoftheUK: Double your storage by waiting for the 32gb version.


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