New iPods do component video out, iPhone apparently will too

MrBabyManApparently the holiday-friendly gadgets support sending component video out with a new cable the Apple Store is selling. While the iPhone likely doesn’t do this just yet, the feature could easily be included in the promised firmware update that will bring the iTunes WiFi Store before the month’s end.[…] Thanks to MrBabyMan for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

st3vo: Now only if the new iPods supported x264 .mkv files..

csipod: It needs usb input and vga output 🙂 And a joystick….THEN I’ll want one. Hell they’re awesome as it is people get em free while you can and then worry about the updates later. This is going to be an amazing little platform.

h00ligan: congratulations, and welcome to news that was all over everywhere including digg a long time before this post.

pixelperfect: Wouldn’t there need to be an onboard TV-Video Chip? Therefore, if the iPhone doesn’t have one, no firmware update is going to magically add one.
From what I can tell, they were able to add a TV-Video Chip to the new iPod nano’s cause they are large enough to fit one.

sn00kie: Just did a live chat with apple and asked them. It wont let me copy and paste but here is a snippet.

Yes ok, I have just confirmed it will work for your iPhone. Please don’t worry!

so even though the iphone icon isn’t there, it will still work

Yes, please don’t worry. It does match up under the specs for the iPhone

Where did you find this

The same place you did, and I have access to the tech specs

badtz: This is not true. the component cable only carries the video on the new iPods, and for the iPhone only AUDIO. There’s a little disclaimer on the page regarding this. Interestingly, the same disclaimer is not written on the page for the video out cables via composite.

HappyScrappy: New iTunes 7.4.1 out.

Guess why.

DelMonte: I’m impressed and surprised that the tiny iPod nano 3rd gen can also output 640×480 composite and component video.

Pureeviljester: another first on Apple’s list for the handheld device industry that will revolu- oh wait.

cool feature to have though.

FDL1: “Word on the street is that the video out function on the new line of iPods is locked if used in conjunction with old video cables and docks from third parties. Apparently, the new iPods will only work with cables featuring Apple’s authentication chip, leaving long time video iPod owners in a bind if they have iPod video gear lying around.”

imatt: I’ve been using my iPod and a cable that came with my camcorder to watch shows from my iPod on TV for about a year now, what’s new about this?

ShinRaTDR: “component video output is supported only by the 3G iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod touch (480p or 576p for the former two, only 480i or 576i from the iPod touch for some reason)”

That has to be some kind of oversight or misprint, why the hell would they put lower quality output on the higher end iPod, makes no sense for any company, especially Apple.

IanPatterson: I don’t care. I ‘m still pissed about a how low the capacity is. I would buy one if it was bigger

monsterofNone: cuz you need component video out to faithfully reproduce that low-def compressed video on your huge TV screen.

UltraMegaFilms: If they are planning to go this far, why not HDMI?


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