Nullriver offers a fix for the iPhone endlessly rebooting.

enderiiiIf your iPhone is rebooting endlessly from AppTapp v2.4 ( this *might* help. This is for use with iTunes 7.4 and OSX ONLY![…] Thanks to enderiii for providing this nice story on Digg.

What other users say about this:

mckeegs104: well what i can i do with windows???i of course updated to itunes on my computer which updated my phone an deleted the app installer from my phone and now wont let me re download it..HELP PLEASE I LOVE THIS APPLICATION!I NEED IT BACKK!!!

Moviespo: What happens when apple does the i-phone dooms day update? Will all our phones work after midnight?

friscoskid: I restored, updated iTunes, rebooted the comp and the phone and then installed apptapp. no probs….yet

friscoskid: endless reboot 8-P restoring software and starting over again. what about the 7.4.1 update for iTunes? anybody install yet?

Rosstafari: “This is for use with iTunes 7.4 and OSX ONLY!” = No Windows.

Wang: Does this work for Windows users? or do you need a mac?

spargett: Me as well.

polkadotdotdot: I’ve installedAppTapp, done a sync AND software updates and I am fine!

enderiii: Through our testing we’ve found that AppTapp is not to blame for the endless reboot. We’re not sure how it happens because we haven’t tested other bootstrappers, we just know that our solution can help.

err404: Installer is ‘the’ iPhone killer App!


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