Why iMovie ’08 Matters

dhollisterThe new iMovie and its future, from the point of view of a Mac fan, educator, and professional editor.[…] Thanks to dhollister for providing this nice story on Digg.

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lochness: Do Macs come with speeel chekc ?

bradyj: I’ve been able to rapidly create short home movies using iMovie 08 and have really enjoyed using it. when i’m editing something together, my main intention is to cut 90%+ of the fluff and just use simple transitions between the edited shots. I’m completely uninterested in creating DVDs, I just want to throw something up on the net to share w/ family and friends. To me, less is definitely more with this new version.

Vermifax: I’m editing two EPK’s in iMovie ’08 and i love it. That being said, I’m not getting FCP until I know for sure that it’s 100% Leopard-ready.

ahirreddy: This is just a bunch of BS. iMovie 08 matters just as much as Windows Movie Maker. It’s sad to see that people are trying to justify it just because of insane apple loyalty. “It’s an apple product, and the new way of working with video editing must be right if apple says it is.” It’s just shameful on the part of the loyalists who keep trying to make everything apple does seem like it is the second coming. This is really annoying, buried as LAME.

mhender: Any post that somewhat criticizes the program is buried. Way to go digg, showing your true colours .

Obishawn11: I don’t understand why people hate iMovie 08 so much. Yes it sucks that there was not update to iMovie 06 in iLife 08, but personally I think Apple is on the right track for reconstructing the way iMovie works. They probably could have gone about it a little better by updating iMovie 06 for this version and offering what is currently iMovie 08 as a ‘preview’ product and called it iMoviePlus 08 or something like that until it was mature enough to become the actual iMovie. iMovie 08 is not horrible, it’s just version 1.0 (or even version 0.9 if you will). Once Apple sticks in all the features that iMovie 06 had, I think that this will be a perfect product for at least the home user to use to create fantastic movies. I commend Apple for being brave enough to realize that iMovie 06 is not heading down the correct path and starting a iMovie 08 from scratch in order to head down the correct path.

People also like to try to insult iMovie 08 as a product that 13 year olds with a YouTube account can use and Mommies and Daddies can use. WELL DUH! Apple is about being simple enough that anyone can use. What do you think the whole point is with iLife?! If you want something that a 13 year old can’t use or that Mommies and Daddies can’t use, go buy some professional software for 4x as much and quit your complaining!

I just recently made a DVD with pictures and video clips of a vacation that I took in July. I saw what iMovie 08 could do with the demo video that’s available on Apple’s website and decided to purchase iMovie 08 (the updates to iPhoto was also a big factor in my decision to upgrade). I had 400 pictures and some video clips that I wanted to put into basically a slideshow with a soundtrack to show people. I used iMovie 08 to create 2 15 minute clips in no time. I’ve seen how you do the same thing in iMovie 06, and given the choice again, I would still use iMovie 08 because of how quick and easy it is to add the pictures, pick just the portion of the clips I want and manipulate the video. It’s also much easier to preview my changes and a very small portion of the video. I did have to use iMovie 06 to piece the clips together along with an opening title screen, ending credits and add chapter markers, but that’s fine because I already had the chapter clips created in iMovie 08. Then I used iDVD 08 to create the DVD. So I used both versions of the program to accomplish my task. Yes, it sucked having to export from 08 and import into 06 just to get chapter markers and better templates for the opening screen and ending credits. But I still preferred using iMovie 08 and would start with it again if I had to redo that project or on my next project. I actually hated having to use 06 even though 06 had more features because 08 is just easier to use.

I’m a recent Mac convert. I used to be 100% a Windows user until earlier this year. I love my Mac. Everything I do on it is so intuitive. iMovie 08 embodies that. It is on the right track. Just because it lacks features does not mean it’s a bad product. Apple did not supply iMovie 06 with iMovie 08 because 08 sucks that bad and can’t live up to expectations. It’s because they knew that if they didn’t have those features in 08, they still had to provide those features somehow. They did it as a favor to us and because it was the right thing to do, not because it was their version of an apology. I have a feeling that those complaining about iMovie 08 have either not used it or aren’t looking towards the future at what iMovie 08 will become.

And for those that are complaining about the price, iMovie 08 is not the only thing that comes with iLife 08, so you’re not paying $70+ for just iMovie, you’re paying it for the entire package.

sq2shooter: Even Apple is aware that iMovie 08 would not live up to expectations as an upgrade of 06. This is why it is the only program included in iLife 08 that leaves the previous version of the program on the hard drive when it installs. Yes, believe it or not, iMovie 06 is left in a folder after install so you can do the basic editing that iMovie 08 has been stripped of. This speaks volumes as to what Apple knew would be the reaction to iMovie 08. This program was obviously designed for 13 year olds with a You Tube account.

justusbruns: It really stimulates you to be creative, I hate to wait long before I see the result, I’m not a perfectionist I like simplicity and a quick nice looking result, if you want to have everything at the right time beginning, you should better use professional products like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro

sq2shooter: This guy has no idea what he is talking about. iMovie 08 is an abortion of epic proportions. You don’t believe me? Go to apple.com support forums and look at the iMovie08 posts. This stripped down version of iMovie 06 is pretty much universally hated by everyone.

Gizmort: As a professional video editor for 20 year using FCP and everything else. iMovie ’08 is revolutionary. So amazing. Truly is the first product in a long time that has made me excited for the future of my industry.

mrgoat: He didn’t really say why it ‘mattered’. Aside from it’s fast.

xike: Fine, improve an app…but don’t remove functionality in the process. Backward compatibility with previous iMovies: visual effects, chapter markers, plugins, audio editing, etc…

That’s like praising a new version of Notepad.exe because it’s more intuitive, even though it doesn’t support numbers, and it can’t import previous .txt files without replacing all white space with ascii smiley faces.

ewcost: Check out our review… http://macfilmmaking.com/archives/218

fugrank: @t0ny

because you love apple?

aa90digg: Even the earlier version of Imovie should never be compared to Final Cut Pro or even Final Cut Express for professional or semi-professional editing work. I think one guy manage to make a professional documentary using Imovie (Carnation I believe) and it was good because the guy is a really gifted writer and he had a good story to tell, not because of the editing.

The main problem right now in Imovie is the inability to set In point and Out point. And the way to modify your clips is really precarious.
Lots of people complain about the audio limitations and the inability to set chapter markers. You can get around that by opening your Imovie project in Garage Band. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but it works quite well that way, and it’s actually closer to the professional work flow (Sound-editing wise).

What interest me the most is the interface. I thought it was completely backward at first, but after using it I feel that Apple is trying to re-invent the way things are done in the editing world, to shake some concepts about the job by remodeling them. Some of those new concepts might stick, maybe none of them won’t, but it’s damn interesting. And very daring.

(P.S: I allow myself to open my mouth so lengthly because I’ve just spent a couple of day playing with Ilife 08 and I work professionally in the post-production world. This those not make me any more right or wrong than anybody else. This is just an opinion)


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